Serengeti Girls Run

All our conservation work, including this project, is born of our love for Africa and our need to protect it. Become a part of preserving Africa’s legacy for future generations.

Following the success of the events in 2018 and 2019, we are inviting runners of all levels to join an all-women run across the untouched wilderness areas of Singita Grumeti's private concession in the western corridor of the Serengeti, home to a plethora of wildlife and a unique ecosystem.

This exclusive, purpose-driven opportunity will raise funds towards programs for the empowerment of girls, specifically focused on providing opportunities to become leaders in conservation. The run covers a flexible, multi-stage distance of 21km per day over 3 days. Whether on foot or supporting in the shadow vehicle, guests participating in this journey will also have the opportunity to engage with local girls and learn more about the Grumeti Fund’s work in the region.

Each evening, guests can enjoy guided game drives, exploring the teeming plains of this exclusive 350,000-acre protected reserve. On completion of the run, the participants will learn more about the Grumeti Fund’s successful anti-poaching strategy, including a visit to their Canine Unit and Joint Operations Centre to meet the Anti-Poaching team.

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Serengeti Girls Run


Conservation Partner

Grumeti Fund

As the custodian of more than 350,000 acres of the world-renowned Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania – which is home to the Great Migration – the Grumeti Fund is responsible for the reintroduction and recovery of stable wildlife populations, while ensuring that neighbouring rural communities benefit tangibly from these natural areas.

Faced with challenges including uncontrolled illegal hunting, rampant wildfires and spreading strands of invasive alien vegetation when they took over the management of the area in 2003, the Fund dedicated itself to transform severely depleted wildlife numbers into thriving populations once more.

Restoring this once barren and highly degraded region to a flourishing wilderness, their successes include the remarkable recovery of many species – including buffalo, wildebeest and elephant populations, and in 2019, the Fund carried out the largest single relocation and reintroduction of 9 critically endangered Eastern Black Rhino.

The Trust also manages an onsite Environmental Education Centre for school teachers and children to immerse themselves in Outdoor Education and fieldwork, and a world-class culinary school.

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