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The communities surrounding Singita Grumeti are brimming with young individuals who have the potential to make a difference – not only in their own family but also the larger community and the country – if they are given the opportunity to do so. This potential, unfortunately, often goes untapped as many families do not have the means to fund secondary and tertiary education.

Concentrating on enhancing the quality of education provided to the youth from local communities to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue rewarding and successful careers has become a key focus area of the Grumeti Fund.

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Scholarship Program


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Grumeti Fund

As the custodian of more than 350,000 acres of the world-renowned Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania – which is home to the Great Migration – the Grumeti Fund is responsible for the reintroduction and recovery of stable wildlife populations, while ensuring that neighbouring rural communities benefit tangibly from these natural areas.

Faced with challenges including uncontrolled illegal hunting, rampant wildfires and spreading strands of invasive alien vegetation when they took over the management of the area in 2003, the Fund dedicated itself to transform severely depleted wildlife numbers into thriving populations once more.

Restoring this once barren and highly degraded region to a flourishing wilderness, their successes include the remarkable recovery of many species – including buffalo, wildebeest and elephant populations, and in 2019, the Fund carried out the largest single relocation and reintroduction of 9 critically endangered Eastern Black Rhino.

The Trust also manages an onsite Environmental Education Centre for school teachers and children to immerse themselves in Outdoor Education and fieldwork, and a world-class culinary school.

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