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Singita: Our Food Journey

Taking you on a discovery of the culinary stories of Singita, this beautiful collection of anecdotes illustrates how food has shaped the lives of our staff and surrounding communities for the better.

Singita’s food journey is an integral part of our guests’ experience of the incredible wilderness settings of our lodges and camps, and within its 274 pages, the cookbook celebrates our gourmet evolution, steadfast commitment to practising sustainability, and traditional and contemporary flavours. Inspired by the continent’s rich cultural history and the abundance of the seasons, it’s the ideal way to get a taste of safari life at home.

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Singita Coffee Table Book

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From the rocky outcrops of Zimbabwe’s remote southeast to the rainforests of Rwanda; and from the savanna plains of the Serengeti to South Africa’s riverine bushveld – this timeless book celebrates the wildlife and wilderness thriving in the vast landscapes of our carefully protected regions. Chronicling three decades of the story of Singita, it’s a dedication to the people who are the lifeblood of our business and bring each award-winning lodge and camp to life. From a farm-to-table food journey steeped in the fresh flavours of Africa to up-close encounters in nature infused with local wisdom and knowledge, each page transports you to the unspoilt magic of our pristine locations – while providing an inspiring look at the steadfast conservation ethos at the heart of all that we do.

* This book is currently out of stock

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