Holistic Early Childhood Development

Singita recognises that quality early learning is critical in laying foundations for success in later life.

Since 2009, we’ve been supporting Early Childhood Development (ECD) initiatives in the communities near Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Singita Lowveld Trust, our conservation partner in South Africa, works in partnership with ECD centre (preschool) managers and teachers, government departments and key community stakeholders. Through the Singita Holistic Early Childhood Development Support programme, children are supported to fully develop in physical, cognitive, psychological and social domains.

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Holistic Early Childhood Development Su


Conservation Partner

Singita Lowveld Trust

In South Africa, the Singita Lowveld Trust manages a wide range of conservation projects in Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park – from anti-poaching initiatives to wildlife research & land management, sustainability efforts and community partnership projects such as early childhood development, digital learning and a world-class culinary school.

A highly skilled team of tracking dogs and handlers enhance anti-poaching efforts in the Sabi Sand Reserve, while the Trust’s partnership with the global conservation NGO Panthera has shown that the area is home to the largest density of leopards of any protected area surveyed in South Africa. The Panthera’s Furs for Life project – of which Singita is a partner – has reduced the demand for leopard skins by 50%.

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