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Singita Kwitonda Lodge sits lightly on a pristine 178-acre stretch of land right on the edge of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, where more than a third of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas find refuge.

The lodge forms part of an ambitious undertaking to rehabilitate, reforest and maintain the biological integrity of the land, thereby increasing the range and numbers of the gorillas, while uplifting and empowering surrounding communities.

Designed with respect to its remarkable geological location, Singita Kwitonda Lodge was built with sustainability as a fundamental focus. It offers an intimate engagement with the landscape and a sense of solitude within nature.

Each of the lodge's eight luxurious suites boasts cosy couches, indoor and outdoor fireplaces and heated plunge pools, with breathtaking views of the Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura volcanoes.

More than 500 local artisans and builders were commissioned for Kwitonda's beautifully crafted volcanic walls, impressive woven ceilings and hand-fired terracotta brickwork.

This authentic translation of local culture into key elements ensures an overall effect that is strong and captivating, yet soothing and soul-centering.

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Singita Volcanoes National Park

Tucked between Tanzania to the east, Uganda to the north and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, Rwanda is a remarkably small country nestled in a 10,169-square mile pocket of land brimful of high-altitude forests and shimmering lakes.

Singita Volcanoes National Park

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Conservation at Volcanoes National Park

Aligned with our mission to preserve Africa’s most vulnerable landscapes for future generations, Singita’s primary motivation for operating in Rwanda is to play a role in the conservation of this critically endangered species and its natural habitat.

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Before or after a trek, gazing up at the forested slopes of the volcanoes, guests will be imbued with a sense of awe, excitement and gratitude - a journey of a lifetime, which Singita cannot wait to reveal.

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