What to see and do at Kwitonda Lodge.


Akarabo Nursery at Kwitonda Lodge

Named Akarabo – which means ‘little flower’ in Kinyarwanda – our on-site nursery was borne from our commitment to help reforest, rehabilitate and maintain the habitat of Rwanda’s endangered mountain gorillas. Initially, 60,000 saplings were bought from local growers and earmarked for the 178 acres of land Singita Volcanoes National Park sits on. This number quickly grew to 250,000 saplings, even before the lodge opened, and continues to increase as we keep expanding our reforestation efforts in the area.

It’s a privilege to share this lush diversity of plants with our guests. Whether you opt for a gentle stroll along the rows of new trees, past the glorious fragrances of flourishing herbs or through the farm-to-table chef’s garden filled with fresh vegetables, it’s bound to inspire and delight in equal measure.

Providing an authentic taste of Rwanda’s offerings, our garden includes a teahouse serving fresh herbal brews, as well as local artisans such as a basket weaver, seamstress and stick carver showcasing the intricacies of their craft. Echoing our passion for treading lightly on the land, living sustainably and empowering communities, Akarabo is growing – just like the saplings being planted – into a lasting, living legacy.

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