What to see and do at Kwitonda Lodge.


Golden Monkey Trekking at Kwitonda Lodge

Golden monkey trekking is a rare and delightful experience, not to be missed. These primates are highly endangered and are only found in this part of the world, living in the Virunga mountain ranges. Encountering golden monkeys in the Volcanoes National Park is a highly immersive experience as trekkers are surrounded by up to one hundred monkeys foraging in the forest and jumping from tree to tree. The monkeys live in bamboo vegetation close to the base of the volcanoes so the hike to find them is on fairly flat terrain and the distance is not far, making this an activity that is easily accessible to most.

On-the-day Details 

Golden monkey trekking takes place daily in the Volcanoes National Park at the same time as the gorilla trekking. Permits need to be secured and there is one departure per day, but there isn’t a limit on numbers or age for monkey trekking groups.

For trekking guests should wear hiking shoes and long pants and carry a water bottle and a rain jacket or poncho – both of which are provided to Singita guests. On the day of the trek, guests will be woken early and taken to the ranger station a few kilometres from the lodge.  After a briefing by rangers, guests and their guide will head set off on an easy hike. The distance of the walk is variable, depending on the location of the monkeys, but can be as short as 30 minutes each way. Once the troop is located guests will spend up to an hour with them, observing these beautiful and busy creatures in their natural habitat.

After the trek, guests will return to the comfort of the lodge, where they will gear down in a warm mud room and relax with a refreshing beverage, while reflecting on the day. Meals and lodge activities are flexible around each trek.

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