February 2021

Grounded & restored – the healing power of nature

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Grounded & restored – the healing power of nature

An ever-increasing yearning to completely escape the hurried pace of life as we know it has gradually transformed the travel landscape globally. Apart from allowing you to broaden your horizons and experience life-changing encounters in far-flung locations, travel has also become synonymous with being profoundly grounding and it offers the chance to reset body and soul in remote and nurturing settings.

Seeking some much-needed rest and regeneration to counter a year like the one we’ve just emerged from, discerning travellers are searching for destinations that provide stillness and sanctuary, and optimum opportunities to restore wellness – physically as well as mentally.

Continuous connections with nature – from wellness treatments outdoors to activities immersed in the bush – centre and restore guests’ sense of wellbeing

A holistic approach that actively incorporates an awareness of wellbeing into every aspect of a guest’s stay is becoming not only commonplace, but essential. This takes myriad forms – from healthy, locally sourced food to relaxing massages and alternative healing – and is open to interpretation from one destination to the next. But what is consistent is that travel has become inextricably linked with wellness.

This is not new at Singita however, where the guest experience has always been intrinsically linked to a vision for conscious hospitality and conservation. And since its inception, the brand has embraced a philosophy of wellbeing in creating environments in which guests can reconnect with nature and enjoy the luxury of a slow pace and sense of space throughout.

‘We believe that true wellness needs to be woven into the entire experience and focus on every conceivable touchpoint,’ says Renée Rosettenstein, group wellness coordinator for Singita. As a result – and with the lodges and camps already offering nurturing experiences at every turn – it was a natural and seamless progression to incorporate even deeper layers and levels of wellness.

Wellness goes beyond the obvious at Singita’s lodges and a sense of connection, nurturing and peace is fostered at every touchpoint

Brought to life in unique ways to celebrate the iconic location of each lodge, and guided by its overarching principles as well as the current and growing demand globally, Singita has focused even more attention on aligning its offering with an awareness of what wellness means now.

From transformative massage treatments that harness the restorative powers of Africa’s most healing rituals, ingredients and settings to guided audio meditations, sensory sound therapy and mindful crystal experiences – opportunities to reawaken the senses and restore balance abound.

Beyond the complete immersion into the pristine natural surroundings, Singita’s lodges and camps present a wide range of ways in which to connect – and disconnect. Added to that, fitness and wellness centres are an integral part of bringing health and physical wellbeing to the fore – complete with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a seamless continuation of one’s preferred exercise routines.

A holistic approach that considers body, mind and soul makes a stay at Singita’s lodges deeply restorative

Across its portfolio, Singita’s food journey focuses on simple, delicious and sustainable options that nourish, resulting in elegant and refined, yet simple and unpretentious meals. Using both traditional and modern techniques, the Singita food philosophy simultaneously embraces classic tastes and health-conscious practices, and caters to travellers conscious of maintaining a healthy regime.

Features such as meditation decks with panoramic views, in-room yoga (or even, in the case of Singita Castleton, a dedicated yoga pavilion), farm-to-table vegetable gardens and all-day healthy fare from Singita’s signature ‘bar-delis’ add to the ongoing sense of wellbeing.

Opportunities to reawaken the senses and restore balance abound - such as simple centering daily rituals and moments of calm

Ultimately, Singita’s overall ethos allows guests to engage on the level they feel most comfortable, and at their own pace, with stays encompassing everything from meditative experiences and stargazing to new types of workouts. And when combined with the profoundly healing power of nature – which is at the heart of every aspect and activity of the guest experience – this approach creates a spiritual, emotional and physical sense of wellbeing that is unique to Africa, and unique to Singita.

Step into the African wilderness and begin your journey towards a total reset and restoration of body and mind. Click here to enquire now.

By Julia Freemantle

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