Julia Freemantle

Having spent just under 20 years in lifestyle publishing, Julia’s biggest passion lies in the intersection between culture and context. In recent years, this has played out most satisfyingly in the realm of design- conscious travel. From safari (as a South African, the bush holds a special place for her personally) to the souks of Marrakech or Portugal’s rows of azulejo-clad buildings, the most rewarding experiences she’s had have largely been a result of design’s capacity to express a destination’s uniqueness and identity.
Lately incorporating photography into her editorial work (for the moment purely for the joy it provides), she’s equally as enamoured with capturing the essence of a place in pictures, as she is committing it to paper.

While in recent years she’s also moved into copywriting and communications (also in the design, travel and luxury ecotourism realms), editorial work that allows for personal expression remains a valued creative outlet.

With work published in titles ranging from Condé Nast House & Garden, Sleeper and Travel + Leisure, to VISI, House + Leisure, The Spaces, Nyayo, Private Edition and more, she’s built up a strong design-driven portfolio over the years.

Stories by Julia Freemantle