Amy Roberts
Field Guide
Kruger National Park

Amy Roberts

Originally from KwaZulu-Natal – a small farming community on the north coast, close to the game reserves in the area – Amy grew up surrounded by a family who appreciated nature and spent a lot of time camping on the coast, and in the mountains and bush. Spending days driving around game reserves, sometimes with no animal sightings, she took notice of everything else – using binoculars and books to ID birds and learn about the animals they were seeing. This is where her passion for nature developed, and even when her family moved to Johannesburg, most holidays were spent back in KwaZulu-Natal. 

After school and university, she did a basic Level 1 guiding course and started her career on a cheetah project in Bela Bela, after which she decided to move to a reserve where the animals were roaming free. Since then she feels lucky to have worked at a variety of lodges where she’s grown with each experience.

She hopes to continue to expand her skills on the team at Singita, learning and developing in order to offer the best to the guests she guides.

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