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A Visual Journey through Singita Malilangwe

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A Visual Journey through Singita Malilangwe

It’s sometimes hard to describe the raw beauty and sense of remoteness of southeast Zimbabwe in words. In those moments, images are better at conveying the soul-stirring sense of space and immersive experiences that await in the Malilangwe Reserve.

Come with us on a virtual photographic journey through the landscapes to experience it for yourself…

A unique perspective

For guests of Singita Pamushana Lodge and Malilangwe House the life-filled Malilangwe Dam offers incredibly diverse sighting opportunities – that you can’t always experience from land. From sun-lounging crocodiles to herds of elephant drinking and bathing, and abundant birds, the variety you’ll observe while floating quietly on the river watching dusk in the bush play out in front of you is the epitome of a peaceful way to spend your sundowner hours.

Seeing wildlife in its natural habitat is always a privilege. But being able to view it from a different vantage point offers renewed appreciation – and the view from a boat is hard to beat

Up close & in detail

If you’re a photographer, or even just appreciate the opportunity for close observation that comes without being noticed by your subject, our hide is the ultimate voyeuristic viewing experience. Eye level with the water, guests can sit and watch for hours while game comes and goes – enjoying the interactions that arise from them crossing paths.

Close up encounters from unique angles in the hide make for great photo opportunities and allow you to marvel at nature in detail

From a distance

The panoramic views from the decks (and suites, and even the showers) at Singita Pamushana Lodge and Malilangwe House are a humbling reminder of the sheer immenseness of the wilderness that surrounds you at all times. Looking out over the bush in all its beauty brings a sense of peace, and often a renewed appreciation for our purpose in it.

Looking out over the Malilangwe Reserve – its great diversity and wild beauty – offers much needed perspective

Immersed in the bush

Driving through or observing the scenery from a distance, while always inspiring, is still never quite as immersive as being in amongst the wilderness on foot. Bush walks with your Field Guide and Tracker, in pursuit of animals, marvelling at trees, or quietly observing birds, are a memorable way to be at one with nature and gaining insight from their ancient and deeply ingrained knowledge of the bush will enrich your experience greatly.

Walking through the bush is an experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the life forms all around you

By Julia Freemantle

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