August 2023

The up and coming Nsevu breakaway lions


The up and coming Nsevu breakaway lions

They Nsevu lions have shown promising signs for their future as they have now honed their hunting skills to expert levels. Buffalos form a regular part of their diet as they consistently trail a herd that moves from the Sand River in the east all the way to Giraffe Pan and further.

Patience paid off one afternoon as Johan, Ruel and their guests spent the whole day and into the evening in anticipation of the lions making an attempt on the herd. What followed was a dramatic ending as lions captured a buffalo bull. The buffalo herd returned to hopefully rescue their fallen comrade but it was too late for the bovine.

The Nsevu breakaways lions have not limited their hunts to buffalos but made a remarkable kill of a giraffe calf and cow.

Lion hunts are most successful as collaborative efforts, and depending on the prey species hunting strategies are adjusted. For example to hunt buffaloes as a pride it is best to stalk them in darkness and make a short swift charge before pouncing on the target, bringing it to ground, and one lion clamping its jaws around the buffalos throat to kill it. Whereas to hunt a giraffe lions tend to chase it into an area of uneven terrain until it trips and falls and then they can dispatch it.

These Nsevu breakaway lions are worth spending time with if you want experience the thrill of the hunt.

Marc Bowes-Taylor
By Marc Bowes-Taylor
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