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Guided by purpose – Bernard Hosea's journey with Singita

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Guided by purpose – Bernard Hosea's journey with Singita

As we reflect on 30 years, and our purpose to protect Africa’s wild places, conserve its wildlife and celebrate its cultures and people, we acknowledge how our evolution as a brand has run parallel to those of our people.

Singita’s success is built on the collective strength of its people, and our continued commitment to their individual growth and development journey is why many of our team members have stayed, and grown with us, over the last three decades.

One such team member, who has walked a nearly 20-year road with Singita, is Bernard Hosea a Field Guide at Singita Grumeti in Tanzania.

WATCH Bernard Hosea talk about his journey to becoming a Field Guide at Singita Grumeti

Growing with Singita

Bernard was born in the mid-1980s in Maswa, an area bordering the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. He finished his schooling and enrolled at the Serengeti Institute of Tourism for a two-year diploma in Hospitality Management. Bernard’s journey at Singita Grumeti started in 2006 as a casual labourer in construction, during which time he jumped at an opportunity to become a staff cook, where he sharpened his skills and was eventually promoted to commis chef. 

It was in this role that a burning passion to become a guide was ignited. “During my cheffing career, we did a lot of bush dining activities – like bush breakfasts – with guests. I felt more connected to this side of things, and started to think about how I could get into the guiding department. That's where my dream started,” says Bernard. By working and studying in his spare time, and drawing on the knowledge of his guide teammates, spending time with them on drives and tapping into their experience he took strides towards his goal and qualified as a guide in 2012.

Bernard started in the kitchens at Singita Grumeti but over time built on his skills to join the Guiding team

A personal journey

Bernard's ambition however, is strengthened by an innate knowledge of his surroundings which has served as a solid foundation. The local know-how and insight he brings to the role is equalled only by his dedication. “It was not an easy journey, from humble beginnings – but in the end I made my way.” 

Working at Singita means being part of something meaningful and much bigger than oneself, and Bernard enjoys sharing this protected wilderness with guests, especially on foot. "Being out on foot is different to being up in a vehicle because you see other aspects of the bush. Your senses are more active and you're able to watch the interactions that happen in. When people come to visit us in Africa, in particular protected areas like this, being in nature gives them moments of meditation," Bernard explains.

He would like his own journey to serve as inspiration to the younger guides and the next generation. “This is what I'm dedicated and committed to – fully – because this is what I love. This is what I'm passionate about."

Bernard's local knowledge and dedication make him a passionate advocate for the Tanzanian wilderness when guiding guests

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