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The ebb and flow of a Singita safari in Zimbabwe

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The ebb and flow of a Singita safari in Zimbabwe

Located on a sandstone ridge with expansive views over the Malilangwe Dam in Zimbabwe’s remote southeastern region, Singita Malilangwe offers that rarest of travel experiences – privacy and exclusivity in one of Africa’s most untouched wilderness areas.

Within 115,000 acres of the private and protected bushveld that makes up the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, our lodge and villa here are a vibrant and authentic, yet deeply peaceful celebration of Zimbabwe’s rich culture and history.

They centre too on this magnificent landscape – and the many ways you can experience and immerse yourself in it. The sense of space and freedom you’ll find here is unparalleled, with activities and excursions revolving around the ability of water to instil a deep and lasting sense of wholeness.

Singita's lodge and villa are located within the 115,000 acres of pristine wilderness that make up the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

Seek adventure or stay at leisure

Your time here allows for slow-paced downtime relaxing on the deck at the lodge and enjoying the panoramic views, or adventures in the midst of the wilderness. With twice-daily game drives, bush walks and rock-art excursions available, you’ll have the full range of land-based safari experiences available to you.

But it’s the water activities that set this particular experience apart. Unique to this property, the proximity of the Malilangwe Dam opens up a whole world of ways to engage with nature – offering fresh perspectives and changing scenery. Nowhere is water’s vital importance as a source of life and tranquillity more apparent than here, surrounded by the rich bird, plant and animal life that it sustains.

Fishing excursions on the dam are an ideal way to experience this wonder firsthand, ably aided by your Guides through sustainable and measured fishing practices. Singita Malilangwe boasts excellent game fishing throughout the year including Tiger Fish, Bass, Bream (tilapia), and Catfish. A slow sundowner cruise is another excellent way to appreciate this remarkable setting at the end of a day – with every African sunset an occasion worth celebrating – while sightseeing as the wildlife comes down to drink too.

The Malilangwe Dam offers a unique way to experience the landscape and a host of activities, from sundowners on the water to fishing off the boat

So inspired by the location are Singita Pamushana Lodge and Malilangwe House, our five-bedroom exclusive-use villa, that the bar and deli deck, outdoor dining spaces and the menus themselves are designed to celebrate the setting and views, and the abundance that the wilderness that envelops you represents. With food that comes from the land – local growers, the lodge gardens and the dam itself – every meal is a celebration of this idyllic and unspoilt place.

Our lodge and villa in Zimbabwe embody the warmth and vibrancy of the country's heritage, while connecting you at every opportunity with the landscape

Zimbabwe’s warm hospitality

Singita Pamushana Lodge’s eight elegant suites draw inspiration from the rich cultural history of ancient Zimbabwe. Each suite also has its own private infinity pool, allowing an unbroken connection to the elements. The public areas throughout too – through a series of staggered and interlinked platforms – are outdoor living spaces in which you can fully appreciate the natural beauty of the area.

Malilangwe House, one of seven properties in our private villa collection, has a large rim-flow pool and various outdoor decks for yoga, meditation, wellness treatments and alfresco dining, all of which offer expansive vistas, or intimate glimpses of the dam and reserve below, at all times reinforcing the immediacy of your surroundings.

Every space to sit and memorable meal at Singita Pamushana and Malilangwe House is designed to celebrate the remarkable scenery together with friends and family

Connect with nature at Singita Pamushana

Speak to our team about embarking on an adventure into the vast expanses of Zimbabwe. 

By Julia Freemantle

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