December 2022

Creating moments of connection & reflection at Singita Ebony

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Creating moments of connection & reflection at Singita Ebony

Singita Ebony, our founding lodge occupies an important place in our history and holds special significance. For us, it represents the start of our pioneering journey. But most importantly, signifies our purpose – our reason for being.

Born of a desire to preserve the precious wilderness where their family home was located, and areas beyond it, the Bailes family established its first commercial lodge here in the Sabi Sand. This planted the seed of what is today a multi-regional portfolio that represents the best of ecotourism with conservation at its core. This sense of purpose and history is tangible in the spaces that make up Ebony, a quiet, reflective retreat in the trees.

Singita Ebony Lodge – set amid the trees and overlooking the Sand River – is a restful and intimate lodge with a deep connection to nature and our purpose

Spaces for contemplation

The design of Ebony is such that it fosters an instant sense of peace. Intimate in size, with only 12 suites, it offers privacy and exclusivity, the ideal setting to reconnect with yourself. The suites – designed to honour the traditions of safari – are serene and understated, with classical elements and natural textures. Glass walls lead onto private decks with plunge pools overlooking thickets of trees and down towards the river.

Beyond the suite and the lodge itself, are 45,000 acres of breathtaking wilderness, accessible only to guests of Singita Sabi Sand lodges. This expanse of bush is the very epitome of exclusivity – a luxury that allows for the reflection and exploration that comes with access to unfiltered privacy and unlimited space.

Classically inspired and endlessly calming, the suites at Ebony offer spacious outdoor lounging spaces and private pools

A holistic journey

This exploration can be experienced in many ways during your stay at Ebony. Outdoors or in, engaging in active exploration or quiet solitude. Our commitment to offering an experience that fosters wholeness, means that there are myriad ways to nurture your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Meditation on your tree-shaded deck may offer moments of contemplation, while a guided bush walk or stargazing will instil a deep appreciation for nature and the soul restoring peace that comes from being immersed in it. An African inspired treatment could give a much-needed deep sense of relaxation that offers mental clarity and renewed energy, while a quiet meal overlooking the river is food for the soul as well as the senses.

Nature-centred activities and experiences underscore the connection with your surroundings

Personal reflection on a greater purpose

Because Singita’s 100-year purpose forms the foundation of all we do – in the now, and for the long term – we are driven to share this with our guests through various activities that allows them to experience firsthand some of the conservation and cultural programmes that support communities and protect wildlife.

Some guests may choose to visit the anti-poaching canine unit and witness the skill and training necessary to safeguard endangered species. Whether that’s meeting with a senior handler to learn about the work being done in the region, or participating in an actual tracking exercise with a dog and handler, seeing this unit’s tireless dedication is unfailingly inspiring and humbling.

Others may find themselves drawn to our Boutique & Gallery, a space we have recently expanded to better represent the enormous talent and artistic diversity of the continent. Through engaging with works by celebrated artists and up and coming talent, guests horizons are widened and expanded.

Engaging with our community and conversation programmes reinforces a sense of perspective and purpose

Rediscover yourself at Singita Ebony Lodge

Find out more about what makes Ebony the restorative and fulfilling escape it is here >

By Julia Freemantle

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