December 2022

Celebrating everyday moments & special occasions with Singita

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Celebrating everyday moments & special occasions with Singita

Every day spent in the wilderness is a privilege and cause for celebration. The sights, sounds and smells of the bush, the traditions and warmth of Africa and its people, and the sense of connection and community, once experienced, are never forgotten.

For those who come to our lodges for the festive season and special occasions, this experience is made all the more memorable and meaningful thanks to the care our teams take to make this, and every time of year, remarkable.

For nearly 30 years, Singita has been creating memorable moments and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for guests, and as 2022 comes to an end and the festive season begins – a time when families spend their holidays with loved ones in places special to them – we wanted to take a moment to celebrate this. So, we asked previous guests to share some of their favourite Singita moments.

For those who come to our lodges, this time is made all the more memorable thanks to the care our teams take to make the festive season, and every time of year, special

Soaking in the scenery

From the expansive African sky slowly changing from indigo to pink as you enjoy a first coffee and the sun emerges above the horizon, to the smoky crackle of a fire as guests gather for a recap of the day’s events, the soft glow of lanterns being lit while the stars emerge, or the palpable energy and hum of conversation and conviviality at the lodge bar as our mixologists make cocktails and friends chat or strangers meet – these moments become embedded in our memories.

“Singita is all about memorable experiences. One unforgettable moment we enjoyed with the kids was watching the sunrise from our outdoor bed while monkeys played around and hippos enjoyed the river right next to us.” Fernanda & Daniel, guests at Singita Kruger National Park

The sights, sounds and smells of the bush make celebratory memories that much more vivid

Finding inspiration in nature

For those visiting Africa and embarking on a safari for the first, or even the tenth time, the sheer wonder of the wilderness is awe inspiring. Learning about each species, marvelling at the landscape, or experiencing a particularly longed-for sighting leave an indelible impression – moments worth celebrating over and over as we relive them.

“Our stay at Singita turned out to be unforgettable for me and my family! The genuine passion for the reserve and the animals, and the people are remarkable. The food and the accommodation are second to none and the quality of the safari, during which we were able to spot so many incredible animals, including the Big Five, couldn’t have been better. We can’t wait to revisit Singita and this paradise.” Julia Amalia, guest at Singita Sabi Sand

Awe-inspiring landscapes or a long wished-for sighting are precious memories to cherish

Connection & community

Moments of exploration are countered, and complemented by those of connection - with family, or friends, old and new. It may be revelling in the sheer joy of dance under the stars in the boma during a celebratory dinner, or learning a new skill and a festive traditional dish in the kitchens with Singita’s Community Culinary School Students.

“Each year, Singita has provided an amazing place to gather and celebrate with our family. Beyond Singita’s activism, a consistent highlight of every trip is learning about the surrounding communities through dancing and delicious food. We can always rely on Singita to get even the least coordinated of us to dance and come home with plenty of recipes for local dishes. We can’t wait to come back in March!” Chelsea Arencibia, guest at Singita Grumeti

Nothing says celebration more than dance. A stay during the festive season, or any time of year, is not complete without revelling in the joy of our choirs in song under the stars

The joy of meals shared

Celebration often centres around sharing a meal. And Singita’s passion for beautiful food and wine plays out across our properties in the form of carefully thought-through menus that delight and inspire joy. Paired with our cellars’ selections of award-winning wines, passionately served by expert sommeliers, every meal with us is memorable. Shared with others, in such magnificent surrounding, they take on even greater meaning.

“So many moments at Singita are worth celebrating but one that stood out was a surprise wine tasting at sunset on one of our first game drives. The team pulled out all of the stops. After a particularly tough time with the pandemic and not much travel, it was the perfect celebration of life with friends, new and old! They created a moment I will never forget.” Robert Fowler, guest at Singita Grumeti

Celebratory meals are all the more memorable for the warmth of our service, and the unforgettable beauty of the settings you dine in

Make memories with us

Explore what makes moments at Singita so memorable, and find out how you can spend your celebratory moments with us here >

By Julia Freemantle

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