December 2022

A journey to wholeness

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A journey to wholeness

A stay at Singita aims to reach much deeper than a fleeting treatment or the transient pleasure a short-lived trip can do. Rather we seek to create lasting transformation and a sense of connection and belonging that remains, through giving guests the space and freedom to craft a journey true to them.

Our philosophy at Singita has always been holistically inspired, in that we believe that to achieve true wellness means honouring our guests on every level – physical, spiritual and mental. Creating harmony and balance between all the aspects of their beings, to create overall wellbeing. Harmony with our surroundings too – through a reverence for the environment and the relationships that have been nurtured with the communities who call them home – is part of considering the whole.

“Inspired by the ancient wisdom of the continent and celebrating the profound sense of place of each of our unique lodges and camps, Singita’s Wholeness journey is about grounding guests in their preferred level of mental, emotional and physical calm," says Georgina Pennington, Singita Group Creative Direction Manager.

Our Wholeness concept aims to create lasting transformation and a sense of connection through honouring our guests' wellness on every level – physical, spiritual and mental

Growing through connecting

Wholeness comes not only from looking inward, but also from the profound meaning we find in connecting with others. Our loved ones we share these experiences with, and those we meet and learn from along the way.

From the intimacy of our handwashing ceremony on arrival to the heartfelt ways we say our goodbyes, Wholeness at Singita starts with connection, but the authenticity of these connections, the bonds formed and moments shared, remain.

This is expressed across the guest experience, like our food journey. A ritual underpinned by togetherness – sharing a meal, creating a memory – it’s also about a connection to the land, and the joy that flows from exploring and expanding your horizons through new flavours or learning about traditional much-loved dishes that celebrate our cultures. This nourishes on many levels – body, heart and soul.

Our food journey seeks to nourish guests on many levels through sharing, learning and sheer joy

Engaging the senses to centre self

Engaging the senses through immersing guests in their surroundings and creating opportunities for nurturing, calm and comfort is central to the notion of Wholeness. We strive for an all-encompassing experience of nature to allow you to fully benefit from the unique privilege of being surrounded by such pristine wilderness, and its power to help you reconnect with your own body and mind.  

From guiding guests through the practice and value of breathwork, to reflective solo meditation, personalised yoga sessions and the power of sound, all of our relaxation experiences are based on the belief that true wellness is an act of kindness – to others and to oneself.  

Engaging on all levels and through all the senses with nature unfailingly instils a deeper connection to it, and oneself

Drawing on Africa’s wisdom

These relaxation experiences are complemented by treatments that draw on the ancient rituals of the continent’s myriad cultures. Treatments using locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods – like sand from the river banks in a foot scrub ritual at Singita Sabi Sand, to therapies featuring the benefits of coffee grounds at Singita Volcanoes National Park, and sadza (maize meal) at Singita Malilangwe – our approach celebrates a sense of place. It also allows guests to personalise their experiences without the restrictions of spa menus, and encourages healing through nature’s innate wisdom.

“Mirroring our African roots, our wellness journey strives for inner wholeness. By making the elements part of each moment, it also maximises connections with Singita’s incredible settings,” says Renée Rosettenstein, Singita Group Wellness Coordinator.

Wellness treatments that honour our locations and cultures underscore an awareness of where you are in the present moment

Activities that restore & inspire

Wellness as a state of being is one that can be nurtured through activities that aspire to wholeness on all levels. Throughout their stay, guests will experience a personalised approach to activities that offer new perspectives through new experiences, and that forge authentic connections with Africa, its people and its cultures. 

From excursions like sunset cruises on Zimbabwe’s Malilangwe Dam to exploring the quiet, soul-stirring beauty of Rwanda’s gentle landscapes by bicycle, our Wholeness journey is also about just being. Stilling the mind through gentle interactions with your surroundings – a dawn guided bush walk, marvelling at the abundance of our food gardens, witnessing the beauty of choirs in song, or appreciating Africa’s most celebrated artists on display in our nature-centred galleries – inspires a sense of awe and peace.

Appreciating your surroundings, on foot, by bicycle, or simply sitting and enjoying the scenery stills the mind and lifts the spirit

The transformative trip of a lifetime

Join us for a meaningful travel experience that will inspire and restore you. Speak to one of our team to craft your own journey here >

By Julia Freemantle

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