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Supporting conservation & community through design

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Supporting conservation & community through design

Design and art forms part of the core of our DNA – foregrounding the creative talent found throughout Africa is one of the ways we celebrate the culture and heritage of the continent. Over the almost three decades Singita has been creating pioneering travel experiences, it has formed a large part of our visible identity.

We are constantly refining and innovating the design elements across our brand so that they reflect our true purpose – which is to conserve and protect African wilderness areas. As such, the spaces throughout our lodges and camps reflect this through celebrating context and heroing local skill and artistry.

Our Boutique & Gallery spaces are an extension of this, and distil our passion for African art and design into dedicated spaces at each of our properties to allow guests to explore this aspect and invest in the pieces that speak most to them. As with our lodges and camps, our guest experience is ever evolving to meet the needs of travellers as well as our conservation and community support goals. Last year, we reimagined the Boutique & Gallery at both our Singita Sabi Sand and Kruger National Park properties to better reflect our ethos and purpose.

WATCH Our Boutique & Gallery spaces are in the process of being reimagined to better reflect our purpose and support our conservation goals

Evolving spaces in aid of culture & conservation

The shift in focus here was also made to more impactfully drive visibility for the artists and creatives whose talents are shown in these spaces – enterprise development with African designers is a key focus. Part of this entails encouraging guests to engage with and learn about the pieces, appreciate the skill and intricacy inherent in their creation, and to take them home to enjoy, in so doing also contributing towards a viable income for their creators to assist them in continuing to pursue their vocation.

Partnerships with galleries and studios, like our recent collaboration with Ardmore, create opportunities for the support of local artists and conservation initiatives through art

Equally as important is how these initiatives support our conservation endeavours. Partnerships with galleries and studios – like the recent residency programme with the Ardmore ceramic artists – go towards furthering targeted conservation efforts in the form of donations, and even works created especially for the purpose of fundraising. These beautiful collector’s pieces, made during the artists' time at Singita Sabi Sand, were sold to a private buyer, raising much needed funds for our non-profit partner in the region, the Singita Lowveld Trust.

This has real and measurable impact – in the form of funding for programmes like rhino relocation, anti-poaching and protection. Read more about the heartwarming story of Mavic, whose recent rescue was made possible through the existence of such initiatives.

Collector's items created through our recent Ardmore residency programme raised funds for our non-profit partner in the region, the Singita Lowveld Trust, directly aiding the programmes that enable them to protect vulnerable wildlife

An interactive living gallery

In the grand scheme, what informs our gallery and boutique spaces is a commitment to celebrating and conserving the continent – its natural, cultural and artistic heritage – and this can be seen in the exciting and dynamic range of artists and makers we represent in the gallery and boutique spaces.

As a living concept, too, that honours our firm roots in Africa, this will continuously adapt to reflect the inspiration we find in the creativity and innovation of its people. Art and craftsmanship that represents the history, culture and wildlife of each region, while celebrating the global success of many African artists is integral to the concept.

In addition to the pieces for sale in the galleries and boutiques, most of what you see and use in your suites and the communal lodge spaces is available to order. From exquisite textiles, to decorative objects and small furniture items. When you take a piece of African-made design with you, you contribute to the success of the designers and artists who’ve created them and support the protection of the precious wilderness we call home.

Learn more about how you can take a piece of Singita with you here, and follow @singitaboutiquegallery on Instagram for more updates >

Julia Freemantle
By Julia Freemantle

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