November 2022

Singita Grumeti: November 2022


Singita Grumeti: November 2022

November has yet again been another inspirational month here on the Singita Grumeti Reserve. Wildlife sightings have been nothing short of magic! The Grumeti and the greater western corridor have remained green throughout the month with very good pasture. This has kept many of the migratory herds in the area with lovely numbers of zebra and wildebeest strung out through the reserve.

The conditions are fantastic at this time of the year with very pleasant temperatures, a little rain here and there, and a fresh cool breeze most days. The grasses are green and the wildlife content. At this time of year we see many young warthogs, eland, topis and ostriches whilst out and about on the plains. A time of plenty and new beginnings.

The Grumeti River continues to flow and the waterholes on the plains begin to fill once again, attracting a myriad of diversity from wallowing buffalo to frogs and migratory wading birds.

Here’s a sightings snapshot for November:


Lovely lion interactions this month, and now the lions are roaring most nights on Sasakwa Hill.

With the team exploring the western grasslands of the concession we have been having some great sightings of the Kawanga and West prides.

Action between male coalitions and territorial disputes make up some of the action this month.

Lions in the central region have been offering great experiences with a number of buffalo being hunted this month which is unusual for this time of year with good zebra and wildebeest numbers throughout the area.

The Nyasirori Pride have been spending a lot of time in the Ridge Hills.

Two lionesses are successfully nurturing six cubs that are three months old now.

A single lioness from the West Pride also has two new additions of three months old now.


We are very happy to announce that the Grumeti North female’s daughter has two cubs of four months old now. She has been sighted briefly on the rocky outcrops, close the Fara Faru in the last weeks.

The Grumeti North Drainage male leopard has been offering some awesome sightings, including the cover picture captured by Andrew Kavenga, as he successfully hunted a young eland.

Good leopard sighting close to Sabora this month with both the Sabora Drainage male and a female sighted between the Sabora and Nyasirori Dam drainage.


Amazing cheetah sightings this month with the highlight being the Gambaranyera Plains female and four! Wonderful to see this little family hunting successfully and doing so well. What a pleasure to spend time with these animals in such a beautiful part of the reserve.

We have observed some great interactions with the Sasakwa Plains male who always puts on a show. So wise and regal, a true specialist in his line of work!


Elephant sightings have been steady this month with some lovely numbers in the Ikorongo region.

Good sightings in the Sasakwa Plain region also with good activity on Sasakwa Hill this November.

Many of the matriarchal herds we see now are with youngsters. It really is promising to see how successful the elephants in the greater Serengeti ecosystem are doing as of late.

Elephants passing through the central region often stop at Sasakwa Dam to drink on.

Some lovely sightings of large, mature elephant bulls have also been recorded this month.

Elephants crossing the Grumeti River too have been making up great sightings recently, especially with the slightly higher waters.


Buffalo are, as always, impressive. Large resident herds occupy the reserve throughout.

Some very impressive herds of one thousand strong sighted out west this month.

We have experienced some lovely buffalo numbers up on Sasakwa Hill. Up to thirty bull individuals have been recorded this month frequenting the hill in the evenings to graze throughout the night.


All rhinos are fit and strong and accounted for. Some great sightings of Eric the black rhino in the boma this month. He is in very good condition currently and feeding well.

Jenny Hishin
By Jenny Hishin
Author / Guest Guide