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Jenny Hishin

I am a wildlife photojournalist and photographic fine artist, and have enjoyed over 15 years working in Southern Africa's conservation and safari industry.

My fondest memories are those of animals and the joy of being outdoors. I grew up with an endless fascination for Nature. It is in the natural world where I find myself at home as a photographer and storyteller.

After a career as a copywriting and art director in the advertising industry I followed my heart into the wilderness and became a safari guide with the world-renowned ecotourism group, Singita.

I am particularly interested in animal behaviour and the similarities and differences between species, including ourselves. Being sensitive to an animal's behaviour and able to anticipate its next move gives one a great advantage in photography, and anticipating moments is key to capturing great photographs. I'm also a stickler for the highest ethics when photographing wildlife.

While a picture may paint a thousand words the art of storytelling brings it to life. Now, as a photojournalist, I’m able to further engage an audience, impart knowledge and generate an even greater appreciation for animals and their environment, and the protection of both.

In addition to photojournalism my wildlife photographic fine art has developed from my appreciation of art, awe of the natural world and attention to relevant detail. I favour images that hint at the nuances of wild beauty, subdued splendour, open space and natural grace.

I've been fortunate enough to have my photojournalism and wildlife photographic fine art published and displayed on various platforms internationally. To encourage girls into the world of wildlife photography I am a Partner Photographer for the international "Girls Who Click" organisation. I'm sharply focused on my future as a photojournalist and photographic fine artist for Africa's wildlife and wilderness.

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