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Conserving the Serengeti for future generations

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Conserving the Serengeti for future generations

Singita’s commitment to conservation is core to the brand’s purpose. With a legacy of nearly 30 years in eco-tourism, our low-impact, nature-based tourism model continues to leverage awareness and support to local non-profit conservation Funds and Trusts across regions. These respective partners use their resources, expertise and knowledge to execute widespread conservation efforts on the ground that align with Singita’s commitment to Africa’s landscapes, wildlife and people.

In Tanzania, we support the Grumeti Fund in its preservation and protection of the Serengeti ecosystem and the upliftment of local communities. The Grumeti Fund, in partnership with the Tanzanian government and other key stakeholders, promotes conservation best practice and knowledge sharing to optimise impact in this precious wilderness area, which, thanks to a coordinated effort by various organisations, is in the process of a remarkable regeneration.

A dedicated and sustained effort over the last two decades has restored ecological integrity to the Grumeti concessions

From barren landscape to thriving wilderness

By the turn of the 20th century, uncontrolled hunting and poaching, and the unsustainable pressure this placed on the environment had the devastating effect of drastically reducing biodiversity and resident wildlife numbers. In 2002 however, the establishment of the Grumeti Fund began the journey of rehabilitating the Grumeti concessions to their former beauty and abundance.

Effective conservation management and law enforcement has allowed populations to rebound, restoring ecological integrity to the Grumeti (and in turn further facilitating the type of responsible tourism activities that allow these conservation interventions to continue). Today, 117 staff protect, manage and monitor these plains, that only 20 years ago were nearly barren. Their passion and commitment are driven by a mission to preserve this important natural heritage and valuable wilderness resource.

A range of interventions – from the reintroduction of endangered species to anti-poaching units and alien plant management – both protect and preserve the landscape and wildlife of the Grumeti

Today’s work for tomorrow’s gain

The Grumeti Fund’s operations span all areas of conservation – from wildlife protection and landscape management to community upliftment – and employ a combination of cutting-edge technological support systems and boots-on-the-ground tactical manpower to carry out this work.

The conservation and protection of the 350,000 acres that make up the Grumeti concessions is a complex task, which entails collaborative effort and coordinated work between the Tanzanian government, partners and stakeholders, and crucially, the local communities.

From the reintroduction of extinct flora species and endangered wildlife to the area – like the successful rhino translocation project, and more recently the approval of a new project to bring the Greater Kudu back to the Grumeti – to wildlife protection (in the form of anti-poaching programmes and law enforcement) and community outreach and empowerment, the emphasis is on longterm, sustainable initiatives that will allow this wilderness to thrive into the far future.

Various community outreach and upliftment programmes – many centred on education – aim to pave the way for future prosperity and a harmonious existence between humans and wildlife in the region

Success in action

Community outreach – more specifically, ensuring that communities neighbouring the concession also benefit from conservation efforts in the region – is essential to promoting the peaceful coexistence of humans and wildlife.

Various community programmes implemented by Grumeti Fund have demonstrated measurable successes. From UPLIFT (Unlocking Prosperous Livelihoods for Tomorrow) – an initiative designed to enhance the livelihoods of individuals living along the boundary of the concessions (through youth education; increasing income generation opportunities; and promoting peaceful wildlife/human coexistence) – to the Environmental Education Centre (which focuses on exposing its students to critical environmental issues), the goal is to further the prosperity of both humans and environment in the region.

Across all of the Grumeti Fund educational programmes, girls’ empowerment is an important focus and resources go toward addressing education, health issues and career development. Events such as the Serengeti Girls Run (a five-day, multi-stage run where participants’ contributions go towards such programmes) make a meaningful impact that has positive long-term ramifications.

A big focus of the community programmes in the region is ensuring the empowerment of girls and women – through career development, education and addressing health issues

Be a part of protecting life in the Serengeti

To learn more about the important work being done in the region, and how you can play a role in contributing to its continued conservation, click here >

By Julia Freemantle

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