October 2022

The wonders of nature’s classroom at Singita Pamushana

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The wonders of nature’s classroom at Singita Pamushana

Located in the remote southeast of Zimbabwe, within the magnificent 115,000-acre private Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, Singita Pamushana is the epitome of pristine natural beauty.

As an unparalleled way to experience the African wilderness, it makes an ideal family destination for its seclusion, exclusivity and abundant sense of freedom and space. Transformational, adventurous and enlightening experiences await guests of all ages in this remarkable place.

The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve's unspoilt natural beauty ensures an unparalleled wilderness experience

Explore by boat & on land

Singita Pamushana has the unique advantage of both water and land-based activities, offering the opportunity to explore by boat, on foot or from a game vehicle.

Perched with panoramic views of the Malilangwe Dam, Singita Pamushana Lodge and Malilangwe House’s enviable proximity to this scenic landmark allow guests to connect with nature from an entirely different perspective, and appreciate the rich bird and aquatic life from the dam’s edge or from a boat – whether fishing or enjoying a sundowner cruise.

The magnificent Malilangwe Dam allows guests to appreciate the scenery and wildlife from an entirely different perspective on the water

Wisdom found in the wilderness

Our Field Guides – eager to share their passion for nature and depth of knowledge – are the ideal companions to transform leisurely and action-filled activities into opportunities for learning. For those who want to try their hand at fishing, our team are adept teachers. Keen photographers (both experienced and hobbyist) can also polish their skills from our well-situated hide, located near a watering hole so as to take advantage of herds coming through to drink.

Game viewing at Singita Pamushana is a rewarding experience thanks to the wide array of species, both big and small, that call this unspoilt wilderness home. Again, our Field Guides open up this world of wonder to guests by sharing their extensive insight into the bush.

The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve – unspoilt and accessible only to guests of Singita – seems almost untouched by time. This remoteness means the landscape and all the rich natural and historical heritage it contains has been beautifully preserved. Here, guests can view rock art by the San (one of the oldest continuous cultures on earth and the original hunter-gatherers), which offers great insight into the history of the area and depicts a way of life that connects closely with the earth, still relevant today.

With much scope for learning – about the wilderness, or acquiring new skills – a stay at Singita Pamushana is enriched by the extensive knowledge of our teams

Culture & community

In the bush, learning extends far beyond just the landscape and wildlife. Guests are encouraged to visit the Kambako village – a community that neighbours the reserve – to interact with and learn about Shangaan culture and local customs, including some of the traditional skills that form part of daily life here. Many of these have been passed down through generations and over centuries, from basket weaving and beading to bow and tool making.

Here, guests will also be able to witness in action the positive impact of the Malilangwe Trust's thriving community partnership programmes in place – a crucial part of our overall commitment to conservation and community development across regions.

Various activities – such as bush walks to rock art sites, and community visits to learn about Shangaan culture – immerse guests in the history and culture of Zimbabwe

Journey into the remote wilderness of Zimbabwe

Learn more about this beautiful property, our lodge and villa in Zimbabwe, and the endless opportunities it offers for expanding your horizons here >

By Julia Freemantle

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