June 2022

Elevated spaces – dedicated galleries usher in a new era for African art at Singita

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Elevated spaces – dedicated galleries usher in a new era for African art at Singita

Singita’s roots in Africa have always informed its vision for the future, and the creativity of its people inspires the heart and soul of our spaces. These all-important links to the history and heritage of Africa resonate profoundly with our guests. 

Found throughout our lodges and camps, and at each region’s dedicated Boutique & Gallery, pieces by esteemed and emerging artists provide tangible links to, and celebrate the culture of each region and the continent as a whole, allowing guests to be immersed in its inimitable energy.

More than ever before, an increasing spirit of regeneration and renewal is placing Africa on the world stage and striking a chord with travellers from all over the globe. And with a guest experience that is constantly evolving, we are embarking on a journey to transform and finetune our existing boutique and gallery concept to echo this spirit, and reflect Africa’s growing status as a place of artistic renown. Most recently, this takes the form of an extensive expansion of our African art offering, further aligning it with our overarching vision.

The Boutique & Gallery, established as a way to showcase African artistic excellence, is evolving to further elevate the art forms

Framing a meaningful future

Singita’s newly imagined gallery spaces, a project we are piloting at Singita Sabi Sand, and launching soon at Singita Kruger National Park, will not only exhibit authentic African artwork and collectables, but also embody the creativity, dynamism and innovation that emanates from the continent.

Our new concept will allow guests to acquire coveted works by some of Africa's most renowned artists, as well as contribute significantly toward the development of rising talent. Most importantly these spaces will serve to showcase and elevate African excellence, championing the very pinnacle of artistic skill from the continent. 

This has informed our curatorial approach too. “We want to celebrate Africa’s rich cultural heritage, its unique places and people, and the beautiful stories and experiences that have shaped who they are,” says Phumzile Mgiba, Boutique Manager.

The gallery at Singita Sabi Sand is the first of our spaces where guests will be able to acquire works by renowned artists and emerging new talent across creative disciplines

Investment art from Africa

Collectable investment pieces, spanning creative disciplines from sculpture to photography and installations, by internationally respected, collected and award-winning African artists will be thoughtfully and engagingly curated in the spaces, allowing for a world-class art-viewing experience.

“By creating a space dedicated to contemporary art from Africa, Singita is showcasing the talent and creativity that is so prolific on the continent. The works displayed at the new B&G space in Singita Sabi Sand embody this direction, and we will continue to build on its remarkable momentum across all of our regions,” says Lindy Rousseau, Chief Strategist at Singita.

The reputation and renown of the artists involved can only serve to elevate the stature of African art – this will be beautifully demonstrated at Singita Kruger National Park, the home of the second gallery which launches in a few weeks, where a much-anticipated piece by the multi-award-winning Athi-Patra Ruga will have pride of place.

In order to foster deeper engagement with the artwork, we'll be introducing activations like artist residencies and auctions - with a view to also supporting fundraising for conservation

Interactive & empowering

As part of this new direction, we want to foster a dialogue by encouraging guests to engage more closely with the works – to learn more about their context, as well as the artists who have made them. This will be woven into our curatorial journey, but also introduced through activations like artist residencies and auctions. With the artists joining the initiative equally passionate about preserving Africa’s wildlife and wilderness, their work will not only depict the continent’s natural beauty, but also contribute towards its conservation.

Because, like all of our endeavours, the newly imagined B&G concept is underpinned by our 100-year purpose and will include a strong fundraising element to create awareness around key causes and projects across our regions. In line with our long-term commitment to see communities thrive, the initiative aims to use a percentage of the art sale proceeds to support small and medium local enterprises, as well as continue to represent rising local talent in our spaces – with a spotlight on women artists. 

Keep an eye on our Boutique & Gallery page for more updates, as we introduce you over the coming months to the key players, artists and curators involved. 





By Julia Freemantle

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