May 2022

The rhythm of a day in the African wilderness

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The rhythm of a day in the African wilderness

Hours and days spent in the bush offer reminders of the innate wisdom of the wilderness – and living in step with nature is a profoundly peaceful way to keep time. Waking with the first rays of light over the landscape and closing out the day as the sun dips below the horizon, you ease into a natural rhythm of your own.

The remote and unspoilt settings of Singita’s lodges and camps – dispersed across some of Africa’s most remarkable locations – offer the opportunity of waking up on nature’s time, and allow the day to unfold effortlessly. Each location - from the majestic mountains and forests of Rwanda to the Serengeti’s golden plains; and from the riverine bushveld of South Africa to Zimbabwe’s dramatic and rocky southeast – provides a different experience and energy, and all highlight how time moves differently when you’re not watching the clock. 

Waking and sleeping in sync with the wilderness allows our guests to get into a natural rhythm

Enveloped by nature 

Early in the morning, there’s the slow, silent emergence of the sun, accompanied by the gradually increasing volume of the orchestra of birds and bugs. It’s a reassuring and gentle re-entry into the world. There can be no more tranquil way to wake up and enjoy your first cup of coffee looking out onto the wilderness from your window, or a leisurely yoga stretch on your deck.

Watching the sun rise - whether through the mists of the mountains of Rwanda or dappling the deck in the Kruger National Park - is a gentle start to the day

Come night, a vast and unpolluted African night sky awaits once the pink and orange hues melt away, accompanied by the sounds of crackling fires, rustling trees and animal calls from afar. With seemingly endless horizons and landscapes framing the kaleidoscope of colours that continuously paint Africa’s vast skies, sunrise and sunset are particularly magical times of the day, and being in the wilderness – without distractions – amplifies their effect. 

Every element of the guest experience serves as a reminder that we are all part of the cycle of nature

An effortless flow from dusk to dawn

Each element of our guest experience paves the way to make the most of every moment and serves as a reminder that we are all part of the same natural cycle – whether it’s waking up to relaxing river sounds on your private deck’s daybed after a night under the stars; setting off for a bush walk at first light; or watching as the game gathers for a drink around the watering hole while lanterns are lit and hung from the trees as night gathers.

The colours of Africa are most dramatic at dusk, offering indelible visual memories of the wilderness

Afternoon game drives at Singita are marked by dramatic changes in light and sundowner stops offer beautiful vantage points at which to pause and appreciate the sky turning from pastel pink to bright orange and fiery red. 

When not exploring our vast properties – on game drives, sunset river cruises, or other nature-based activities – and spending time in the comfort of their suites, guests are continuously connected with the elements of Africa. Expansive windows, sliding doors opening onto private decks, and countless spaces from which to enjoy Africa’s remarkable light, textures and tones make the moments all the more memorable.

Even without leaving their suites, guests are enveloped by the elements

Find your rhythm in the wilderness

Explore the spectacular settings to plan a journey that will allow you to slow down and sync with the pace of nature. Click here >

By Julia Freemantle

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