May 2022

Celebrating Africa's warmth through fireside storytelling & song

in Lodges and Camps

Celebrating Africa's warmth through fireside storytelling & song

The instinctual urge to gather around a fire is a primal one and as ancient as time itself. Fire has always had the capacity to draw people together.

As a catalyst for storytelling and celebration – and a source of life and warmth – it forms a centrepoint at all of our lodges and camps, and the bomas and fire pits at Singita’s properties in Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Rwanda create opportunities for guests to enjoy memorable moments under the stars and engage with the culture of each destination.

The bomas and fire pits at the lodges and camps across our regions are places to gather - to eat, tell stories or simply connect

Honouring the past by being present

Used in a modern context, the word boma – which originates from Swahili and describes fenced-off enclosures that keep livestock safe – refers to a place to gather. These, and the many fire pits across our regions, are designed to be conducive to time spent communing with others, as well as nature.

At Singita, we honour the cultural and culinary, as well as the natural heritage of all our locations. Each has a unique history, and through the design of our properties, and the activities and food journeys on offer, we aim to celebrate the places we now call home.

An integral part of African culture has always been song and dance. Gathering in our bomas and around our fire pits often includes this time-honoured celebration of life – and the choirs who share their talent and craft with our guests are made up of members of our teams as well as local communities. Their performances are an inspiring way for guests to experience the beauty of African song and dance in the birthplace of this artform.

Gathering around a fire to appreciate the song and dance traditions of each region allows guests to engage with its heritage and culture

Breaking bread

Like song and dance, gathering to eat is a custom that dates to the dawn of time. Honouring the history and sense of place in each of our regions, while being cognisant of the present and building for the future, is inherent to our culinary as well as our overarching ethos.

Food means many things to us: it represents community, family, connection and nourishment. It’s a way to spend meaningful time together. These principles are accentuated all the more in our boma and fireside spaces. Here, we join around tables and alongside fires with family and friends, and our Field Guides to share stories about the riches of nature - that both surrounds and sustains us.

Spending time with loved ones while enjoying the culinary and cultural riches of our locations nourishes both body and soul

Food to nourish heart & mind

Fireside dinners – whether cocooned by a boma, or sitting around a fire under a canopy of stars in the bush – allow us an opportunity to share some of the traditional dishes of Africa, in an informal buffet or multi-course family-style way. From Zambezi bream and fresh seasonal vegetables, to malva pudding, the locally inspired dishes are accompanied by wines chosen by our expert sommeliers to complement and elevate the experience.

Spending time with loved ones in the presence of the warmth of a fire is all the more significant when you are surrounded by the unspoilt beauty of Africa’s wilderness. It’s a reminder to acknowledge where we come from and who we are, and to be present in the moment surrounded by nature.

Surrounded by unspoilt nature and drawn together by the primal pull of a fire allows you to be present in the moment

Embraced by the warmth of the continent

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By Julia Freemantle

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