April 2022

Singita’s Big 5 experience – the magic of unrivalled exclusivity

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Singita’s Big 5 experience – the magic of unrivalled exclusivity

With its magnificent scenery, exhilarating outdoor experiences, and vibrant culture, Southern Africa’s timeless appeal as a safari destination has captivated travellers from all over the globe for decades. Overwhelmingly though, they seek out the continent’s remote and untouched wilderness for its magnificent game viewing – and the opportunity to see Africa’s plentiful wildlife in its natural habitat.

Singita’s lodges in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania offer unforgettable wildlife experiences. Beyond the sheer diversity of species – both big and small – and abundant birdlife, these countries boast impressive numbers and vast herds of big game. Our reserves and concessions all provide unrivalled opportunities for exclusive encounters with the Big Five.

Our lodges in Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe offer unparalleled encounters with the Big Five

Unhurried connections in nature

The magic of being present in the moment and letting the rhythm of nature take its course adds to the unhurried intimacy of our game drives, which is amplified by the beauty of our locations. All of our lodges and camps in Southern Africa are set on private concessions or reserves, which means that only our guests are allowed access. The exclusivity of our ultra-low bed count, and the lack of other vehicles and visitors during your game drives, contribute to a transformative sense of peace while connecting with nature – and experiences steeped in an authenticity you won’t find anywhere else.

You may find that you and your Field Guide are often the sole observers of a unique and awe-inspiring sighting – allowing for unparalleled proximity and enviable vantage points. Fewer guests mean fewer vehicles too, so the scenery remains tranquil, apart from the sounds of the bush and birdsong… the only noises you will hear.

A leisurely approach to game drives - where you and your Field Guide may be the sole observers of a sighting - make for an unforgettable bush experience

Tailored to your wishes & your timing

Singita’s Field Guides all grew up close to the land, and their intuitive knowledge of the animals and their behaviour and habitats – interwoven with personal stories and anecdotes – bring the wilderness to life. They are well aware of our guests’ excitement to see the majestic Big Five in the wild, and the precious opportunity to learn about, photograph or simply observe the wildlife in our reserves.

But whether you want to quietly sit and observe birds at a watering hole or marvel at a herd of elephants on the savanna for one, two or even three hours – at Singita, you can do so at your leisure, without the need to rush anywhere or hurry on to another activity. The luxury of time and space is something we are passionate about, and at our lodges and camps, it’s something you will have in abundance.

The time and space to watch wildlife at your leisure, without having to hurry anywhere is something you will have in abundance on a stay with us

Your exclusive Big Five experience awaits

Find out more about Singita’s unparalleled game viewing in our various regions to book your perfect safari experience today >

Julia Freemantle
By Julia Freemantle

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