February 2022

In step with nature – experience the wilderness on foot

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In step with nature – experience the wilderness on foot

Allowing the magic of the bush to reveal itself in a multitude of ways is intrinsic to being fully immersed in the vast wildernesses surrounding Singita’s lodges and camps – and exploring these wide-open spaces on foot leads to life-changing experiences in nature.

Lilac-breasted rollers flaunting their bright colours as they flit past against powder-blue skies in the Kruger National Park; a journey of giraffe ambling gracefully along the sepia-toned plains of the Serengeti; and the early-morning rush of antelope hooves hurtling through a clearing in the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve in Zimbabwe’s remote southeast… 

Walking safaris allow you to see and appreciate the small details of all the species that make up the wild

Stepping out into the unspoilt wilderness is a visceral experience – a profound awakening of the senses. Twigs crunch underfoot, fresh air fills your lungs and the African sun warms your skin and soul as your legs remember their way. Elephants trumpet in the distance and every sound seems amplified; with mud splashes and dust marking your shoes and clothing with the tell-tale signs of a morning well spent.

At Singita, guided bush walks are seamlessly personalised. Your adventure starts just before sunrise, and after a thorough safety briefing – steaming cup of coffee in hand – various routes and their respective highlights are woven into conversations over a light breakfast, and guests are encouraged to share their expectations. Whether it’s the pursuit of feathered folk, learning how to track big cats and mammals, or simply choosing to be captivated by the breathtaking landscapes – every outing is tailored around the preferences of the group. 

WATCH A visceral experience, venturing through the bush on foot will engage every sense

Unfiltered freedom

A walking safari welcomes entirely different encounters. It’s a great way to appreciate smaller wildlife which cannot easily be seen from vehicles; you can reach exquisitely remote areas that aren’t accessible when driving; and as routes aren’t set in stone, it gives new meaning to being off the beaten track.

With no barriers between you and your surroundings, each walk is also a return to your own natural state. This unfiltered freedom to connect with the earth in the simplest of ways ties in perfectly with Singita’s emphasis on enduring wellness – and a guest experience that invites authentic wellbeing throughout.

Learning about, and connecting to the earth is remarkably grounding and offers rarely found perspective

Sensing nature’s restorative energy

Walking through the bush in complete silence has an almost sacred quality to it, and it heightens the senses in quiet meditation. Whether it’s accompanied by the distinct grassy notes of the Serengeti plains or the lush earthy smell after a rainstorm in South Africa’s bushveld, there’s a wonderful wildness to each woody herb and indigenous plant that crosses your path. 

With each step, you’ll feel yourself being grounded again. Being invigorated by a gentle breeze brushing over you; stroking the smooth curves of pebbles along riverbeds; tasting icy cold water from your canister; hearing the grunts of happy hippo before they come into view – there’s a constant awareness of the abundance of life around you, and the transformative energy of the continent.

It's an experience that radiates with joy. It’s about discovering that places like these still exist – where the natural balance of things is intact, where animal species flourish, and where ecosystems thrive.

Being surrounded by the abundance of the bush is a privilege that instils renewed respect for our environment

In safe hands

Catering exclusively for the interests and fitness levels of individual guests, every walk varies in distance and scenery, with expertly trained guides briefing guests on all the necessary hand signs and protocols to be observed for their safety – and to respect the area’s precious wildlife and wilderness. Walks mostly happen in the mornings as afternoons are mostly too hot, and in general, the age requirement is 16 years or older. Easier nature walks are occasionally arranged for younger guests at the discretion of Field Guides.

For first-time walkers in the African bush, it may seem daunting to set out into wilderness, but Singita’s Field Guides are prepared for every eventuality. They have all the necessary means to ensure guests’ safety and are also continuously in radio communication with lodge staff. Furthermore, they have the best possible first aid training, and support vehicles are always on standby nearby.

Our expert Field Guides' expertise ensures a safe and enriching experience learning about the intricacies of nature

Singita’s five reserves and concessions in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania contain some of the most precious ecosystems in the world, and each of these can be explored on foot. Our lodges and camps all offer unique bushwalk experiences in singular settings, which perfectly complement the twice-daily game drives at each property. Enquire now to book your lifechanging Singita experience > 


By Julia Freemantle

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