January 2022

Wild Dog Days


Wild Dog Days

This beautiful sequence of African wild dogs was photographed by young wildlife photographer and artist, Scott Wenham. His artistic eye, camera knowledge and post-production skill combine to celebrate the wildness, characters and camouflage beauty of these Critically Endangered animals.

The pack and their pups were spending time in the muddy shallows of Banyini Pan as another Critically Endangered creature, a hooded vulture, scanned the area for feeding opportunities.

Good wildlife photography can help global conservation efforts. Evocative images of endangered species such as wild dogs helps to raise awareness by creating an emotional connection for viewers. Wildlife photography is also one of the main attractions in conservation tourism which can contribute to the protection of wilderness landscapes. Also, photographers are able to contribute to conservation management by sharing their images with research programmes and online Citizen Science atlasing databases.

Jenny Hishin
By Jenny Hishin
Author / Guest Guide