December 2021

Slow down and reconnect with family & friends

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Slow down and reconnect with family & friends

A time of year that families and friends look forward to with much anticipation, the December festive season offers the room and space to breathe out, unwind and decompress. And spend quality down time enjoying being in nature in the precious company of those you love.

Throughout Africa, and over the years, we have singled out magnificent locations that speak to the innate human desire to experience the true essence of unspoilt wilderness at its most untouched, and our lodges and camps, spread out across four countries span the spectrum of what this means. All renowned for their breathtaking beauty and unparalleled tranquility, each of our properties offers a tranquil, peaceful space for reconnection once more. 

Our lodges and camps' locations - in untouched parts of Africa - allow for true, uninterrupted reconnection with loved ones

No time like the present 

If the last two years has taught us anything, it’s to treasure the present, and make the most of every opportunity for spending time together. While our lodges and camps across regions - whether you choose to visit Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa or Rwanda - offer excellent year-round game viewing, it’s the end-of-year festive season (that falls in summer in the southern hemisphere) that presents the best opportunity for families and friends to enjoy each other’s company under the radiant African sun, sit outside in the mild night air, and appreciate all the benefits that being outdoors has to offer. 

Wide-ranging activities across our lodges and camps cater to all ages groups, to ensure family travel is enjoyable and seamless for every family member

Something for everyone

The beauty of the African bush is in its universal appeal. Being immersed in the wilderness is an experience that is special to all age groups. But in addition to its universality, our lodges and camps are designed to cater to all ages, and there is a wide scope of relaxing leisure pursuits and more engaging activities for children as well as adults. 

From bush walks and game drives, to cooking classes (for both adults and children), wine tasting with our world-class sommeliers, swimming or lounging by the pool, even a mini game ranger’s course, all members of a multigenerational group will be kept as occupied as they choose. 

The sheer joy that comes from being outdoors - day or night - is best experienced in the bush

However, our lodges and camps are also designed for escaping the frenetic pace of ‘normal’ life, and so should you choose to take it slow and at a very leisurely pace, that is also seamlessly catered for. Wellness treatments – outdoors or in suite – long and leisurely lunches or late afternoons simply spent enjoying the scenery from the deck with a drink in hand. 

Whether you lean towards adventure, or relaxation, you'll find your every need catered for

Private meaningful travel

Especially good for relaxing family travel and special-occasion celebrations with friends – where you decide the pace and flow of the day – are our exclusive-use properties. The absolute pinnacle of luxury travel, they’re also peaceful and secluded – private oases designed for quality time. 

The Singita Private Villa Collection is perfectly suited to private and secluded getaways for families and groups of friends. Photo (above right): The Bucket List Family

The Singita Private Villa Collection has seven properties in its portfolio, each linked to one of our lodges, and here you’ll enjoy our signature approach to personal service and excellence, but with a team dedicated to crafting your party’s itinerary to your own perfect specifications. 

To learn more about this superb collection and explore your next holiday destination visit our new site here >

Julia Freemantle
By Julia Freemantle

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