December 2021

Explore the full range of your senses at Singita 

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Explore the full range of your senses at Singita 

The stillness and refreshing energy of the bush offers the best setting to reconnect with ourselves. At a time of year that’s often filled with introspection and reflection, being somewhere beautiful that engages the senses and allows you to think clearly and calmly can make all the difference. The powerful ability of nature to both instil calm and re-energise is healing and soothing. 

Travel with purpose is a philosophy we’ve held dear for many years, and now more than ever before, we believe travel should be both meaningful and impactful – and leave our guests and their surroundings changed for the better. 

WATCH and listen for a sensory journey with Singita. Our belief in travel with meaning and impact informs the all-encompassing experience you'll have staying at one of our lodges and camps

Landscapes that enrich & engage 

Spanning the spectrum of landscapes and wildlife, our locations are uniquely positioned to inspire a sense of awe and wonder. And in deference to this incredible natural wealth – but never to compete with it – our lodges and camps are designed to celebrate setting and context. 

Conceived with a considered approach to design, how these spaces feel is just as crucial. Our design partner of many years, Cecile & Boyd is masterful at creating carefully thought through spaces that despite having been created with great care, are comfortable and easy to be in and exude warmth and welcome. 

Our spaces are created to offer a sense of being at one with the elements, while also providing sanctuary, luxury and calm. Beautiful materials and tones merge seamlessly with the surroundings and pay homage to each unique location. 

Designed to merge you with your surroundings, our spaces seek to embrace the landscape

Sounds & smells that resonate 

The sounds and smells of the bush have the power to evoke emotions on a deeper level. Closely intertwined with nostalgia and memory, these two senses, when fully engaged will create a travel experience that resonates deeply. 

From the sounds emanating from the bush on early morning game drives as the life around you awakens, to the comforting crackle and deeply satisfying smell of a fire under the stars, the aroma of the earth after a late summer thunderstorm, or the deep primal sound of a lion calling or hippo grunting after dusk. These are the details that will embed themselves in your memory, and remind you of the sheer joy and privilege of being present in that exact moment. 

The deeply evocative sounds and smells of the bush will embed themselves in your memory

Tastes that awaken & nourish 

Taste is often what brings people together – gathered around a table, sharing a meal. This is how we mark special occasions and spend quality time with friends and family. It is how we come together and celebrate being alive and together with those we love. It evokes memories – of special times past, and favourite dishes prepared by or for someone you love.  

Singita’s commitment to excellent cuisine sets our lodges and camps apart for the culinary experiences they offer. But food to us is much more than just well-executed meals – we believe it should be prepared with pride and love to celebrate the setting, as well as being shared and enjoyed in a leisurely way. For that reason we take special care to use fresh seasonal produce bursting with vitality, locally grown where possible, that honours the earth, awakens the palate and nourishes the body. And serve it in settings that will make their mark forever. 

Gathering to share a meal is one of the most primal and profound ways human beings connect. At Singita food is a celebratory and connecting element

Community & heart

Travel facilitates a deep connection with nature, yourself and with your loved ones. A Singita safari reminds you that you are part of something bigger – part of a great cause for good. We want to create an experience that will live forever in your memory and in your heart. So that you leave not only refreshed and inspired for what lies ahead, but also with the feeling that Africa henceforth can forever be called home. 

Take a sensory journey across our lodges here



Julia Freemantle
By Julia Freemantle

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