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Two African safari icons: South Africa & Zimbabwe  

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Two African safari icons: South Africa & Zimbabwe  

Africa boasts enormous scope and variety – it’s a continent rich in culture and encompasses every manner of bird, animal and plant, and its landscapes range from endless deserts to tropical rainforests and golden ongoing savannah. Because it offers so much variety, a trip to Africa to experience safari should ideally span more than one destination – in order to enjoy the full benefit, diversity and beauty of all the destinations it encompasses. 

Singita has over the course of its 28-year history committed to creating spaces in some of Africa’s most precious places – choosing its locations carefully for their wild beauty, spectacular scenery and the opportunity they present to visitors to offer life-changing encounters with nature and meaningful travel experiences that contribute to the continent’s environmental legacy. 

Two of the continent's most iconic safari destinations, both South Africa and Zimbabwe offer a life-changing game-viewing experience

South Africa’s global renown 

South Africa – a safari destination iconic for its variety of landscapes and abundance of game – is home to five of Singita’s properties. While each is unique in its design identity, location and atmosphere, all showcase the magnificence of South Africa’s varied and awe-inspiring scenery and the conviviality and community-minded energy that makes it so beloved by travellers. 

Here, you will experience unparalleled encounters with wildlife – from the iconic Big Five, to smaller, shyer species and a plethora of birdlife. Because our Field Guides and Trackers are so well-versed in animal behaviour and skilled in locating sought-after species, your game-viewing experience during a stay at one of our lodges and villas in South Africa will both inspire and teach you about the riches of the African bush. 

Both Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park are home to passionate conservationists whose love and knowledge of nature never fails to make an impression. Here you will be able to engage deeply with your surrounds, on bush walks and game drives, and will leave with a deepened appreciation and sense of the importance of preserving this natural legacy.

Expert Field Guides and Trackers in South Africa ensure an unparalleled bush experience, rich with all the wonder of the wild

The unspoilt paradise of Zimbabwe

Neighbouring South Africa to the north, Zimbabwe is also a country of great eco-tourism significance. With its dramatic landscapes and ancient sites, and a nation renowned for its warmth, it’s culturally and scenically a marvel. Singita’s properties in Zimbabwe inhabit a particularly remarkable landscape. Singita Pamushana Lodge and Malilangwe House – our exclusive-use villa in this region – are located in the remote southeast of the country. Situated within the vast Malilangwe Reserve, this is remote, private bush travel at its very best. 

Singita Pamushana, aside from offering a magnificent setting courtesy of its location, has something very few other destinations in the world do – exclusive access to 115,000-acres of bush (reserved for Singita guests). With all this untouched wilderness at their feet, guests can immerse themselves in nature in various ways during a stay here – whether on twice-daily game drives, and bush walks, sundowner boat cruises on the Malilangwe Dam, or excursions to the ancient rock art sites created thousands of years ago.

A destination also known for the strength of its walking safaris, Zimbabwe offers the opportunity to experience the bush on foot with our Field Guides. This privilege – of being at one with and in the midst of the bush – is one that makes a stay here that much more memorable. 

Singita Pamushana's unique combination of bush and water activities makes for a 360-safari experience

The best of both 

While South Africa and Zimbabwe share many attributes – welcoming people, beautiful scenery and plentiful varied wildlife – each has a unique identity, entirely its own. A trip that takes you to both on a journey to Africa will not only give you a richer experience, and memories to last a lifetime, but is also seamless to arrange. A brief flight between the two countries, in the care of Singita’s travel experts will see you move from one of our regions to another with ease. Talk to one of our team about designing the safari of a lifetime here >

The warmth of their people, spectacular scenery and dynamic cultures of both Zimbabwe and South Africa make them an ideal itinerary combination


By Julia Freemantle

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