November 2021

Singita Grumeti: November 2021


Singita Grumeti: November 2021

November continued with some very good game viewing across Grumeti as well as in the Lamai. The short rains have been falling and coupled with the continued green flush across all the previously burnt areas it has drawn in really large herds of zebra, topi and eland.

November really is a magic month to be in East Africa – the bush is green, rivers are flowing, skies are scattered with clouds that start puffy and white and then turn dark and daunting in the afternoons. The impala have been lambing and there are a lot of young animals around. Migratory birds continue to pass through as they move south, and frogs and terrapins dominate the small pools along the roads.

Here’s a Sightings Snapshot for November:


  • Butamtam Pride remains strong. Somewhat split up but still in the areas of Koroya Hill and across to OP7. They are hunting often to satisfy the cubs’ appetites.
  • Nyasirori Pride continue to dominate the areas around Sabora and south of it.
  • Numerous male lions have been seen moving in coalitions of two or three.


  • Grumeti North female seen lactating – a good sign that she definitely has cubs.
  • Leopard viewed around Ridge Hill area a number of times.
  • Male leopard seen west of Sabora.
  • Big male west of Rhino Rocks.
  • Female leopard seen trying to hunt zebra foals and missed twice – she then caught an impala lamb.
  • Female leopard seen on the guest paths at Faru Faru.


  • Cheetah and cub west of Sabora open areas.
  • Single male in similar areas around Sabora Plains.
  • Male seen killing a young wildebeest.


  • Hyena clans are looking good. During the day many can be found at the waterholes and pools after the rains where they enjoy the cool mud.
  • There was a gruesome sighting where two hyenas from one clan were seen killing another hyena from another clan on the Sabora Plains during morning safari.


  • Elephant herds have been strong. Huge numbers out to the west and on some occasions over 100 elephant at Sasakwa Dam.


  • Erick the black rhino was seen often by game drives in the boma – he is doing well.


  • Buffalo herds are doing very well – good herds ranging in numbers from 100 to 800, as well as a huge number of bulls scattered across Grumeti.
  • Big numbers along the Raho drainage line.

Plains game

  • Huge topi herds out to the west along Fisi Road and west to Marula camp and onwards - a very impressive sight!
  • Good zebra numbers around and smaller herds of wildebeest passing through.
  • Single roan antelope seen near Sasakwa Plains mid-month.
  • Good giraffe numbers and lots of long-legged calves.


  • There are an abundance of migratory birds around and many birds nesting or building nests.

Jenny Hishin
By Jenny Hishin
Author / Guest Guide