November 2021

Make up for missed celebrations with new memories

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Make up for missed celebrations with new memories

Travelling to beautiful locations and exotic far-flung destinations always speaks to the soul, but by far the most poignant side of travel is the part that speaks to the heart. Invariably, the people we spend that precious time with reconnecting along the journey – the special sights seen and meals shared – are what cements the memories forever in our minds.

With families, couples and friends having had enforced breaks from one another over the events of the last two years, and the sense of just how important time together with our loved ones emphasised as a result, the idea of a family holiday in some of the world’s most spectacular wildernesses – true quality time in nature - has taken on exponentially greater significance.

Singita’s 15 lodges and camps across four countries in Africa represent the very best of luxury ecotourism – superb service, design and experiences. But more important even than this, is the fact that all are inspired by the magic that nature weaves in reinforcing the notion of connection – and how every destination creates the space for making precious time count through meaningful shared experiences. A stay with Singita comes not only with a great emphasis being placed on life-changing encounters with nature, but the valuable opportunity to spend significant and meaningful time with loved ones away from the distractions and diversions of everyday life.

Being able to spend quality time with loved ones in nature makes travel that much more meaningful and memorable

Quality time with family

Our lodges and camps span a range of dream settings, unforgettable landscapes and cultivated designs – each is unique and special in its own right. Within our portfolio, however, is a handful of properties perfectly tailored to the ultimate in quality time. The Singita Private Villa Collection is made up of seven magnificent exclusive-use properties across Africa that cater to private, personal family travel and that foster connection – both between family members, and with the landscape itself. Our villas give you the seamless ease and flexibility of a family holiday and our unmatched service – the best of all worlds. 

But most importantly, the luxury of time is what is emphasised at Singita – time lost that can thankfully finally be regained and now appreciated more than ever before. Because we hold these values dear, your stay with us will be memorable not only for the magnificence of the locations you find yourselves in, but also because we’re committed to helping our guests build memories for years, and generations to come.

A focus on the magic of being in nature will give couples, families and friends the space to make up for lost time together

Milestone celebrations

Because travellers are increasingly appreciating the true worth of time – away from screens, and pressures, and together with their loved ones - and the very real and life-changing power of nature to inspire and reconnect people, larger celebrations are giving way to more personal and intimate get-togethers in nature and quality time in smaller groups.

These offer the opportunity to make so much more of a special occasion and mark a milestone birthday, anniversary or achievement with much more meaning, and in an impactful way that brings people together for longer, somewhere truly special.

Remote, magical locations and seamless service make our destinations a natural choice for honeymooners and once-in-a-lifetime trips

An idyllic romantic escape

Singita’s locations have all been chosen for their beauty, but also their sense of remoteness. From the warmth and mystery of Singita Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, to the iconic and breathtaking scenes of the Serengeti at Singita Grumeti or the rugged natural riches of Singita Kruger National Park, our lodges and camps set the scene for romance and magic. For a truly intimate and private bucket-list trip with your soulmate.

Ideally suited for honeymooners, or couples returning to commemorate a special anniversary, our destinations marry attention to detail, with a dedication to creating one-of-a-kind tailored trips and our teams take great pride in crafting moments that will live long after they’ve passed in the memories of the couples who visit.

Our teams' dedication to creating personal, curated experiences means you'll leave with memories that last a lifetime

Whether it’s a honeymoon in an idyllic location, a big birthday surrounded by the magnificence of the bush or a personal milestone spent in unspoilt surroundings, this time will be made even more special by the seamless, warm and intuitive service that our staff strives daily to surpass. Our culinary, sommelier and front of house teams all ensure that every meal, sunset moment, or sip of wine is carefully considered, our Field Guides’ knowledge will ensure you see and learn as much as you can about the bush, and our housekeeping staff will look after your comfort at every turn.

This combination of unbeatable setting, unparalleled service and true care about making your time with us special means that a stay will forever be etched in your memory. Chat to our team about marking a milestone with us here >



By Julia Freemantle

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