November 2021

A riverine oasis in the heart of the Kruger National Park

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A riverine oasis in the heart of the Kruger National Park

Singita Sweni Lodge is a unique destination, beloved by safari goers looking for an intimate, cocooning and personal experience. Its intimate size of only seven suites and its position - snugly tucked into the banks of the Sweni River – give it a private and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for a stay that offers respite from daily life.  

Located in the south-eastern reaches of South Africa’s Kruger National Park – an iconic safari destination that spans four distinct ecological zones and is renowned for its rugged beauty – Singita’s lodges in a private concession here within this iconic reserve are the quintessence of South African safari. 

An intimate lodge hugging a riverbank in the Kruger National Park, Singita Sweni's position gives it an immediate connection to nature

A unique and layered landscape 

Although guests to Singita Kruger National Park have the benefit of exclusive access to 33,000 acres of pristine wilderness and the incredible variety the Kruger National Park is known for at their feet, they needn’t venture far from their suites to enjoy the intricate ecosystem of this rich and diverse landscape.  

The lodge’s proximity to the Sweni River means that during your stay, you’re privy to the daily routines of the myriad avian, insect, reptile and mammal species who frequent it. From the birds who nest in the foliage of the dense riverine growth, to the hippos who wallow in the water and wildlife that wanders down at dusk and dawn to drink, it’s a haven for species great and small.

The plentiful animal and bird life here - from the tiny to the mighty - makes Singita Sweni a rich and rewarding wildlife experience

Enveloped by nature

Designed to embrace nature and give guests an up-close-and-personal immersive experience, the suites at Sweni, while tucked into the foliage and almost hidden, are glass-walled at the front, allowing immediate access to all of the sights, sounds and smells of the bush. A spacious deck, and outdoor shower, and the signature Sweni sleep-out experience all encourage as much time spent in the elements as possible. 

Designed to be both cocooned within the landscape, and open to the elements, the suites are textured and layered and yet at one with the bush

With architecture and interiors both informed and inspired by the landscape, the design of Sweni Lodge – the suites and communal lodge areas – serves to create a seamless flow between inside and out, and pays tribute to the beauty and richness of the textures and palette of nature.  

In the main lodge, a firepit and the marble bar offer spaces to sit and soak in the ambient sounds of your surroundings, while enjoying your morning coffee or afternoon sundowner. While, in the heat of the day, the idyllically positioned swimming pool, overlooking the river and shaded by trees is a welcome sanctuary and perfect spot from which to watch the activity down below.

Numerous spaces - both in the main lodge and suites - beckon guests outside to enjoy the ambient sounds, smells and scenery

A sanctuary for all

A haven for both guests and wildlife, during your stay at Singita Sweni Lodge you are likely to experience the wealth of wildlife that this region is known for – expect to see a variety of species including the Big 5 (this area is a global destination for the bucket-list tick of seeing lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard) as well as a plethora of others – from hippos, to cheetah and rare antelope like sable, along with a kaleidoscope of birdlife. The area is famous for its large lion prides, a special attribute that makes it loved by big-cat enthusiasts. 

Our expert Field Guides – passionate conservationists and nature lovers as well as skilled hosts – will ensure you leave with a wealth of knowledge about this beautiful area, as well as skilfully steer your experience through the spectrum of the bush’s beauty – from the smallest details to the most dramatic sights. Their in-depth insight into the importance of every plant, insect, bird, mammal and predator make an experience here enlightening and meaningful on many levels, deepening your connection to nature still further.

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The reality of the Kruger National Park lives up to its iconic reputation as a renowned wildlife destination


By Julia Freemantle

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