October 2021

Singita Grumeti - a family destination of a lifetime 

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Singita Grumeti - a family destination of a lifetime 

Tanzania is renowned worldwide for its iconic natural beauty, expansive landscapes and year-round spectacular wildlife sightings. Our lodges and camps scattered across the Serengeti celebrate the scenery it’s renowned for and capture the inimitable sense of adventure you’ll find here. Its wide open spaces, plentiful game and spectacular panoramic sunsets have made it synonymous with safari, but because of the wide range of activities and the incredible immersive travel experience it offers, it’s also an ideal family destination. 

A stay at one of our five lodges and camps in Singita Grumeti and our spectacular riverside camp just further north in Singita Lamai offers unparalleled game viewing, incredible variety and immersion into the heartbeat of this beautiful country. 

The iconic plains, spectacular sunsets and unspoilt beauty of Singita Grumeti make it a bucket-list family destination

A world of possibility

Singita’s Tanzanian lodges offer incredible scope for a travelling family and varying experiences of safari. From our exclusive-use villa Singita Serengeti House (one of the Singita Private Villa Collection properties), whose gracious design makes for a spacious sanctuary, to classic elegance with unmatched hilltop views at Singita Sasakwa Lodge, or earthy contemporary African design at Singita Faru Faru Lodge, our lodges each interpret safari in their own unique way.

For those who want to immerse themselves even more in nature, the newly reimagined Singita Sabora Tented Camp rewrites the script on tented luxury camps in Africa, while Singita Explore is the epitome of close-to-the-earth adventure, immersing guests in the essence of safari, albeit with all the comforts of luxury travel.

The versatility of our destinations also means you can settle in for your entire stay at one, or plan your itinerary to explore a variety of our lodges and camps for a trip that’s dynamic and diverse. With Sasakwa, Faru Faru and Explore open to all ages, and Singita Mara River Tented Camp and Sabora Tented Camp open to children over the age of 10, there is great scope within our Tanzanian properties for an unforgettable family escape. 

Our lodges and camps in this region offer huge scope in terms of setting, design and experience, and all welcome family groups

Scope for exploration & adventure

From hot-air balloon rides (for anyone over the age of seven), and action-packed game drives, to evenings spent fireside, our lodges in Tanzania encompass natural and cultural immersion, and a connection with not only the landscape but also the heart and soul of this country. 

Most famous for being the site of one of nature’s most dramatic spectacles – the annual movement of millions of wildebeest and antelope across the plains, known as the Great Migration – it’s a year-round destination for game viewing, and offers not only abundance, but wonderful variety ranging from the Big Five to plentiful herds of plains game, birds and the smaller species.

Known as the home of the Great Migration, the Serengeti is nevertheless a year-round game-viewing destination, known for plentiful herds of plains game and predators

Arguably one of the best ways to appreciate the vastness of the landscape, and abundance of life it contains, is from above in a balloon. Drifting over the plains is both peaceful and exciting, and offers immense perspective of the scale of this place. For those wanting to keep two feet on the ground, a picnic on the savannah, G&T’s on game drive, or evenings gathered around the fire are equally engaging diversions. 

From picnicking on the plains to hot air balloon rides, your family activities and excursions will continuously emphasise the magnificent setting

Inspiring the next generation of nature lovers 

The Grumeti Fund, our non-profit conservation partner in Tanzania, is engaged in numerous programmes and projects that benefit both the wildlife and the communities in the area. Immersive activities, such as a visit to observe the anti-poaching K9 team in action, are both educational and inspiring, and serve to instil a deep respect and appreciation for the work being done behind the scenes to protect and preserve the wild. 

Back at the lodge too, the focus for our young guests is on wholesome and educational activities that engage and sharpen all the senses. From our Mini Rangers Course (a brilliant way to introduce budding naturalists to the wonders of the bush), to arts and crafts, activity booklets, boardgames and cooking classes, or evenings spent enjoying traditional dance, young minds will be kept busy throughout their stay.  

Immersion into the natural and cultural landscape of the country is an important part of a stay at one of our lodes and camps in Singita Grumeti

Keeping our guests connected to the outdoors is also a priority – and whether that’s learning about plants, tracks and birds on a bushwalk (if you’re 16 and older), swimming during the heat of day and stargazing at night, or playing tennis (for guests at Sasakwa and Serengeti House) – our programmes constantly reinforce your closeness to nature. 

For all of these reasons, it’s a trip that allows you to reconnect with family, and one they will never forget. Discover more about why our Tanzanian destinations offer so much by way of family travel here >

Our lodges in Tanzania offers activities for guests of all ages, that engage the senses and inspire an appreciation of nature

Julia Freemantle
By Julia Freemantle

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