October 2021

Singita – curating sensory experiences across Africa

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Singita – curating sensory experiences across Africa

Singita’s ethos of immersive and meaningful travel paves the way for experiences that satisfy all the senses. Apart from the awe-inspiring natural beauty of our 15 lodges and camps – carefully chosen for their unspoilt locations – a stay with us will encourage and embrace an appreciation of every sight, sound and smell synonymous with being in the bush. As well as something slightly more intangible – the magic that connecting to nature conjures.

A trip to one of our regions will leave you energised, refreshed, and grounded physically and emotionally by virtue of having experienced the full sensory Singita journey. 

Majestic scenery and unparalleled wildlife viewing across our regions offer a visual feast

Scenes that make their mark

From the Serengeti’s vast plains, teeming with life, where the saturated tones seem almost unreal – gold plains and blue skies giving way to intense pink sunsets - to the dramatic vantage point over the Malilangwe Dam offered by Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe, and the intense and misty mountainscapes of Singita Volcanoes National Park, or the iconic bushveld landscapes of South Africa’s lodges, there is no shortage of remarkable scenery.

Closer to home too, our design teams strive to create cocooning spaces so that coming back to your lodge or camp after a day spent in the bush feels like a sanctuary. Aiming for the fine balance between comfort and luxury, tactile and visual appeal and weaving in shapes and textures that nurture, our lodges and camps’ designs are carefully considered for their ability to both soothe and inspire. 

Our design teams carefully curate and painstakingly conceive the interior and architecture concepts for our lodges and camps to create cocooning and inspiring spaces

A matter of taste 

Likewise, our culinary concept - the pride we take in our carefully thought through menus and comprehensive cellar selection - comes from a desire to offer an all-encompassing experience, as well as to celebrate the beautiful produce, and cultural influences across our regions. 

The Singita Community Culinary School – an institution founded to forge the next generation of culinary stars – and our pursuit of gastronomic excellence drives the high standards across all of our lodges, and no matter where in Africa you choose to stay with us, you can look forward to a food journey second to none. 

Our globally inspired dishes, made with fresh and seasonal ingredients by our passionate culinary teams, are served in settings that allow you to connect with nature while you dine

Fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, that pay homage to and often come from the immediate surrounds are paired with a forward-thinking and globally inspired approach, using the skill of our teams to ensure that every plate is bursting with colour, flavour and heart. Our sommeliers and mixologists too, take much pride in offering refreshing and sophisticated drinks carefully paired to enjoy with your meals or simply while watching the sun go down over the bush.  

Every element of the food journey, from beautiful menus, to artfully made cocktails and a curated wine list, serves to elevate the experience

Scents & the senses

While sitting under the darkening sky, or driving through the fresh veld early in the morning, it’s often our sense of smell that’s the most evocative and nostalgic. Invisible, but effective in its ability to evoke emotion, smell is also particularly apparent in nature – the primal and powerful smells that arise from being close to the earth. A crackling fire, dewy grass at dawn, the smell of the rain hitting the soil after a hot day in the bush, a perfectly prepared meal, herbal aromas of a wellness treatment – these are what will transport you back once you have left. This is the sense that goes straight to the heart. 

Scents - and those you encounter in nature especially - have the ability to evoke emotion, perhaps more than any other sense

The soothing & inspiring sounds of Singita

All the senses work in tandem however. And the bush is a veritable orchestra. Whether you’re experiencing safari at one or our riverine locations accompanied by a symphony of frogs, fish eagles, hippos and birds, or enjoying the savannah to the soundtrack of lions calling and elephants rumbling, or finding solace in the soothing sounds of the jungle in Rwanda, nature is its own symphony. 

It’s not just while you’re in nature that you be able to reconnect with the wild. Our guest experience is designed so that you can access the reassuring sounds of Africa even while in your suite. Our Sounds of Singita playlists give you the chance to fit in a guided meditation and enjoy traditional song during your stay, and remain connected once you leave. 

Experience the sights and sounds of a Singita safari. Click here to enquire now >

The soothing sounds of nature - birdsong, insects, water flowing - as well as guided meditations and traditional singing can be found on our Soundcloud playlist

By Julia Freemantle

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