August 2021

Singita Grumeti: August 2021


Singita Grumeti: August 2021

August was a very hot month and midway through it we experienced some rain. This gave the burnt areas a tinge of green which attracted more antelopes and zebras.

Having more medium sized antelopes on the plain has attracted more cheetahs than past months of the year.

While the mega herds of wildebeest are gone there are thousands of zebras in the reserve and they keep the predators healthy and well fed. Mara River Camp has seen wildebeest crossings within an hour’s drive from the camp, almost consistently throughout the month.

Game viewing has been good and the river, for the most part, has been quite low giving the wildebeest the advantage when they cross.

Here’s a sightings snapshot for August:


  • The Nyasirori pride members have occupied Raho drainage both upstream and downstream of Kigelia crossing. Their new cubs are in good health.
  • Most of the Butamtam pride members were sighted on Pundamilia Hill, Chui drainage and Koroya Hill, and their other few members seen at Sasakwa Hill, Rhino Boma and Kombre drainage. One of the Butamtam pride lionesses was seen up at Sasakwa Hill helping her three tiny cubs to cross the concrete road.
  • Mkuyu pride members were seen on the burnt area east of German Bridge and the other members were seen near Colobus Crossing East of Grumeti River.
  • Ridge Hill pride members were seen a few times at Sasakwa Dam and they were seen being chased by Butamtam members back on to Ridge area which is their home ground.


  • The Grumeti North female daughter kept her territory and was mostly sighted west of German Bridge, east of Grumeti West Road and south of Sand Road. She was seen hunting topi fawns.
  • The dominant male was sighted a few times along Mbogo drainage.
  • A shy male was seen south of Sabora camp, up in a sausage tree on the Sabora drainage line.


  • The Sasakwa male was often seen at Old School area, east of Koroya and Pundamilia Hill.
  • The Nyasirori female was seen southeast of Nyasirori Ranger Post. A new female with her
  • Three cubs of about seven months old continued to be seen west of Nyasirori Ranger Post.


  • Elephants were seen scattered out on the plain in small herds, and mostly at Sasakwa Dam where they drink regularly.
  • Faru Faru lodge experienced great elephants’ sightings as they were drinking in front of the lodge at the waterhole.


  • Hyenas were seen in small numbers at Rhino Rocks and elsewhere.


  • With most areas being dry, Sasakwa Dam was flooded with buffalos early in the morning and late in the afternoon.
  • Large herds were seen at Sasakwa plain, Kombre drainage, Ikorongo and Marula Explore areas.


  • Eric the black rhino was seen very often on the burnt eastern section of the Boma.

Plains game

  • Plains game have spread out in many areas of the concession, and this brings a nice balance of small antelopes like Thomson gazelles, which are now seen in large herds especially on the burnt areas.
  • Topi began to deliver their babies from the beginning of the month, and we now see many youngsters everywhere across the plains.

By Jenny Hishin
Author / Guest Guide