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A sensory adventure awaits at Singita Kruger National Park

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A sensory adventure awaits at Singita Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is renowned globally as a safari destination. Its dramatic and varied landscapes, and magnificent game and birdlife make it sought after by travellers the world over, while locally it’s beloved as one of the most iconic and historic conservation areas in the country. 

While the Kruger National Park is a national reserve, our lodges are located on a private concession in the south-eastern reaches, granted to Singita in 2001 thanks in part to its exemplary conservation record. Here you’ll find Singita Sweni, and Singita Lebombo Lodges. Informed by Singita’s philosophy of creating a harmonious balance between conservation, community development and ecotourism in this region, our lodges here in this unspoilt part of the world reflect these ideals in their design and daily operations. Sensitively designed, and created with respect for the land, they’re the epitome of contemporary travel with a conscience. 

The iconic landscapes, renowned game viewing and unspoilt beauty of Singita Kruger National Park make it a sought-after safari destination

Floating above the bush

Singita Lebombo’s striking suites are situated overlooking the N’Wanetsi River. Perched high on the riverbank, their design was inspired by the eagles’ nests that populate the cliff face. These organic and natural, yet strikingly contemporary structures offer an airy, open experience of the bush and a beautiful vantage point of the vegetation and river below. 

The main lodge area is an elemental and understated space, open to the air and celebrating the strong tones and dramatic forms of the Kruger National Park landscape. Despite the bold architectural and interior approach, the spaces, both inside out, are soothing and uplifting thanks to earthy textures and a pared-back approach to furnishings, which creates a calming effect. 

Singita Lebombo's airy suites suspended with a bird's-eye view of the bush were inspired by their surroundings

Cocooned on a riverbank

Equally as forward-thinking in its design, Singita Sweni signifies a fresh approach to safari lodge design, with a contemporary and eclectic colour palette and organic textures that offer both warmth and sophistication. A small, intimate lodge made up of only seven suites, it’s a personal and exclusive experience of the bush that nurtures and restores. 

Its location amongst the trees creates a sanctuary-like cocoon, while the open-plan design – of the main lodge area and suites – connects guests with nature at every turn. Outdoor dining decks and a lodge pool shaded by trees and stretched out overlooking the river further emphasize the feeling of being enveloped by nature, while jewel tones and accents showcasing African craft celebrate the lodge’s context, culture and landscape.

A series of texturally rich, secluded spaces close to the river, Singita Sweni Lodge offers a cocooning, tranquil experience of the bush

The riches of nature

A remote, and majestic piece of pristine wilderness, our private concession on 33,000 acres on the border of Mozambique crosses four distinct ecological zones and offers huge variety by way of terrain and wildlife. Known as a prime Big Five destination, the region is particularly well known for its formidable lion prides. But it offers much more than impressive big cat sightings. Prolific birdlife, plains game and beautiful vegetation complement the Big Five sightings many come here for. 

The lodges’ positioning and proximity to the river – Lebombo overlooking, and Sweni alongside – means an abundance of life in and around the water. From a plethora of birds nesting or feeding on the banks, to herds coming to wallow or drink. 

Most famous for its impressive lion prides, Kruger National Park is not short on other game and is home to abundant wildlife, including the Big Five and prolific bird species

Nourishing body & heart 

Guests at our Singita Kruger National Park lodges will also find themselves in the culinary heart of Singita. Here, we pioneered our contemporary food concept, and established the Singita Community Culinary School (SCCS) in 2007, a project that has since expanded to Tanzania (and soon to be in Rwanda). Through the SCCS, we aim to meet our community development commitment of assisting families that live in and around the reserves to thrive social and economically. 

As the birthplace of our contemporary food concept, and the Singita Community Culinary School, Singita Kruger National Park is a dining destination in its own right

The SCCS sees young aspiring chefs from the local community receive theoretical and practical training, equipping them for internships, and finally job placements upon graduation courtesy of the competitive skillset they acquire through the qualification. For guests this means an opportunity to enjoy cooking classes, and witness the cooks in action, while contributing to the expansion of the programme.  

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Julia Freemantle
By Julia Freemantle

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