July 2021

Zito The Elephant


Zito The Elephant

Zito the elephant  will move and roam the greater ecosystem, only reappearing in Grumeti Reserve from time to time.

I have known this big tusker for some time, and every time I lay my eyes on him my soul explodes with happiness knowing that his genes are still being passed on. Africa has lost many of his big tusker kind – the Serengeti being one of the places suffering these losses.

Big tuskers have been massively affected and taken from the ecosystem by hunters, ivory traders and recently, illegal game harvesters.

Having a chance to see Zito is always a privilege and this is also noticed by matriarchal herds when he is in their vicinity or around them. There will be excited cows and young running around him, touching and trumpeting which indicates happiness.

This picture of him was taken late May this year, after having not been seen for almost a year. His tusks have grown so much they are almost touching the ground. He is one of the last big tuskers still roaming the plains of the Serengeti ecosystem.

I personally congratulate all the stakeholders of the Grumeti Fund and Tanzanian conservation who are making sure Zito survives to see another day and pass his precious genes onto future generations.