Field Guide

Robert Kibwana

Although he was born and raised in the region around Mount Kilimanjaro, Robert completed his schooling in 1996 in Kenya.

He remembers his youth with fondness, sitting around the fire in the evenings, listening intently as his parents and other village elders talked of their encounters with wild animals while they walked in the bush or tended their herds. According to him, it may have been the mesmerizing flames or the cool evening air, but these stories ignited a deep yearning to understand animals and it convinced him to do a course in conservation at a school in Arusha.

He has gained a wealth of experience from working with a number of tourism companies and was happy that he could join Singita Grumeti reserves recently, and yet he says with pride that his intense interest in wildlife still echoes as loudly as ever in his heart.

Stories by Robert Kibwana