July 2021

The sanctuary of the African bush

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The sanctuary of the African bush

The concept of wellness has always been an integral part of the Singita experience. Across our lodges and camps, we have always considered wellbeing – of mind, body and spirit – as one of our highest priorities, with our aim to ensure that our guests leave the better for their stay. 

But with a greater need now more than ever before for sanctuaries that allow restoration and a true respite from stress, Singita has redoubled its focus to elevate the sense of escape across all of our properties. Each lodge or camp has a unique offering, but all recognize the importance of providing peace and inspiration, and enabling our guests to connect with the wilderness, each other and themselves during their time with us.   

Each of Singita's lodges and camps aims to connect you at every touchpoint with the wilderness

Destress and connect

With all of our destinations chosen for their pristine location in an unspoilt wilderness area, they offer unparalleled immersion in nature, a proven antidote to the challenges of modern-day life. This connection to the wild is integrated at every touchpoint, and we aim to continuously reinforce a sense of serenity and reconnect you with the landscape – instilling too a deep sense of wonder at the natural world, and encourage a sense of gratitude and respect for our place in it. 

Benefitting guests at every turn, our wellness philosophy starts from the moment you wake up and extends throughout the day via immersive activities, nourishing meals, and relaxing treatments, and then as the day comes to an end, chamomile tea set up post dinner will induce more restful sleep.

An awareness of holistic wellness is embedded into every layer of the Singita experience, from restorative treatments, to fresh, seasonally inspired menus

Food for the soul & the senses

Each of our lodges offers a unique setting and experience, always underpinned however by a deeply entrenched belief in the power of nature as a healer. This informs everything from the design of the suites and tents to our menus, and overall guest experience.

On a purely practical and physical level, fitness centres across our lodges allow you to maintain a healthy regime, albeit in a much better setting, whether that's on a treadmill with a view, or practising in-room asanas (yoga cards and mats are available in every room ready for sun salutation and evening flow).

Our menus are carefully crafted using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, where possible, to nourish, delight and celebrate local culinary traditions. Moreover, they’re designed to encourage guests to celebrate and savour the ritual of sharing a meal with loved ones. Nature offers the best setting for memorable meals – from a picnic on the lawn with family at Singita Castleton to breakfast overlooking the waterhole at Singita Faru Faru. 

Our carefully considered menus incorporate global influences, and local produce wherever possible, and are designed to be shared amongst loved ones

The healing power of nature

Our massage treatments range from traditional to no-touch, and incorporate indigenous ingredients and ancient wisdom – offering sensory journeys that include chakra alignment and vibrational sound therapy. 

As Singita's approach to wellness is all encompassing, you won't just find healing elements in the wellness treatment rooms - but also in your suites. Most rooms have crystals to balance energy, and candles to enjoy your surroundings in by soft, ambient glow, rather than electric light. If you'd like to be transported into the bush, even while at the lodge, sensory sound clips, guided audio meditations and relaxing music are all accessible at any time and place on Singita's soundtracks.

A comprehensive wellness menu, from no-touch treatments to energy balancing massages will help to ground and relax you

Whichever destination you choose when you travel with Singita, know that your wellbeing will be our highest priority. Explore our lodges, across regions here >

By Julia Freemantle

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