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The greatest show on earth

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The greatest show on earth

The Great Migration is arguably one of nature’s most magnificent spectacles. This annual movement on an epic scale of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and antelope across the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in Kenya in search of more plentiful food and water sources as the seasons change, is the natural life cycle playing out on the plains of Tanzania.

The instinct to survive drives these mega herds towards better grazing, and in order to reach their destination, they must travel long distances and cross dangerous rivers, risking drowning as well as the crocodiles lying in wait. On the plains too, predators that maximise on the good hunting opportunities presented by mass game on the move also pose a threat. It’s nature at its most primal and dramatic – life and death hanging in the balance. 

For our guests, this remarkable game viewing opportunity offers the privilege of witnessing the natural order of the wild in person – to see the delicate balance of the bush up close and recognize the fragility of life is truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

The annual Great Migration sees hundreds of thousands of wildebeest traverse the plains, risking certain danger, as they follow better grazing and water

Protecting the natural path 

Singita Grumeti, a 350,000-acre piece of land adjacent to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, was created in 1994 to preserve the natural migrational route of the wildebeest, as well as the biodiversity of this special region. In 2002, Singita’s non-profit conservation partner, the Grumeti Fund was granted the responsibility of managing the concession.

An integral part of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, its responsible management is key to protecting the home of the Great Migration. Here, our low-impact luxury ecotourism model is designed to allow guests to witness this miraculous natural occurrence, and in so doing, play a role in protecting it. 

Singita’s migration destinations

Our five lodges and camps in this concession offer various ways to experience this annual phenomenon – from Singita Sasakwa Lodge, whose vantage point offers unparalleled views of the plains, to a front-row seat, traditional tented style at the exclusive-use Singita Explore. The newly redesigned Singita Sabora Tented Camp and earthy and contemporary Singita Faru Faru Lodge immerse guests in the plains via luxurious, but close-to-nature designs, and intimate engagement with their surroundings. For families and groups of friends, the exclusive-use Singita Serengeti House is a gracious African home and a sanctuary-like base from which to enjoy the action. 

WATCH THE VIDEO of the Mara River crossing - one of the most perilous points in the herds' journey, captured in July 2021 by Field Guide Godson Nyiti close to Singita Mara River Tented Camp

The Lamai triangle, which is situated on the northern banks of the world-renowned Mara River, is one of the key river crossing points in the herds’ journey from Tanzania to Kenya. Here you’ll find our sixth Tanzanian destination, Singita Mara River Tented Camp. This camp grants guests unparalleled access to the herds and a truly remarkable, light-on-the-earth way to experience this natural phenomenon.

While predominantly made up of wildebeest, the migration also sees vast numbers of zebra and antelope moving across the Serengeti

Planning ahead

The migration remains one of the musts on safari travellers’ bucket lists, and as such, camps and lodges situated in good proximity of the movement of game are in high demand. It’s worth noting however that, while there are certain highlights – such as significant river crossings – the Great Migration is an annual movement of game, rather than a single ‘event’ and takes place over a series of stages, and months as the herds move from and through the Serengeti, towards the Masai Mara.

As such, there is game to be seen year round, depending on where the herds are in their journey. Our placement in the Serengeti means that the herds’ peak proximity to our lodges and camps occurs yearly between June and September. Due to demand in this season, the general guideline is to book approximately six to 12 months in advance of the time you want to visit.

Our exclusive-use camp, Singita Explore is ideally situated in the midst of the migration, offering spectacular immersion in this magnificent spectacle

Also something to factor in to your planning of this once-in-a-lifetime journey is that, being an entirely natural event dictated by weather and grazing availability, the timing is unpredictable to a degree and can differ slightly year on year. However, our travel advisors and experts are well versed in the migrational patterns and can offer helpful guidelines to assist in your planning. 

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By Julia Freemantle

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