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The beauty and diversity of a South African safari

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The beauty and diversity of a South African safari

South Africa is known for its wildly varying terrains – in just one country you can experience almost every type of landscape. And while Singita’s lodges in the Sabi Sand region and the world-famous Kruger National Park aren’t far from one another in physical distance, they offer entirely different safari experiences. 

The Sabi Sand – a series of privately owned game reserves adjacent to Kruger National Park – has an abundance of water, and as a result a profusion of game. A diverse mix of habitats, from riverine to open grassland means a variety of high density of wildlife – the Big Five, as well as prolific bird life - and its forested landscapes also make it prime leopard country. It’s known for its especially abundant population (one of the highest recorded leopard densities and some of the best protected in the world) and offers some of the most exciting sightings of this big cat you’ll experience anywhere. 

While the Sabi Sand is known for prolific leopard, Kruger National Park is prime lion country and boasts formidable prides

Singita’s concession within the Kruger National Park is located in a remote area of the park, sharing a border with Mozambique within 33,000 acres of pristine wilderness. The concession here spans four distinct ecological zones and is rugged and unspoilt, making a visit here a peaceful way to view game and enjoy the landscape. Also known for being an iconic Big Five area, its especially formidable lion prides are an impressive sight. 

Distinctive personalities 

Singita’s lodges are all completely unique – inspired and informed by their surroundings and their locations, with special attributes at each destination. Singita Sabi Sand is the home of our first ever lodge – Singita Ebony. As the bedrock of the Singita brand, our destinations here pay homage to the riverine environment with a combination of classic elements and quintessential lodge design – a nod to our heritage and the grand tradition of safari over the decades. The elegant and understated Singita Ebony and Castleton, and earthy Singita Boulders are all gracious spaces designed to offer retreat and repose and an intimate connection to nature.  

Our lodges in Singita Sabi Sand are a nod to the grand tradition of safari, the brand's history and the beautiful wilderness area they're located in

In Singita Kruger National Park, Singita Sweni and Singita Lebombo Lodges are completely at one with their environments, while also striking as contemporary design statements. With Lebombo perched high on a cliff face over the N’Wanetsi River, and Sweni cocooned amongst the trees on the Sweni river bank, they’re each designed to honour the unique bird, plant and animal life they’re surrounded by, and to allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the wild. 

Singita's two lodges in the Kruger National Park have an intimate connection to nature and are a contemporary take on safari style

Best of both

To fully experience the beauty and diversity of safari in South Africa, it’s best to visit both regions and absorb the unique experiences they offer with time to fully appreciate each. An itinerary that combines a visit to Singita Kruger National Park as well as Singita Sabi Sand offers you the best of both, but the assurance of the same intuitive service and attention to detail regardless of destination. Easily navigable from one to the other via short 20-minute flight, or an easy three-hour drive, a dual-destination trip will give you an excellent overview of the scope of the South African bush. 

A safari to South Africa is best experienced across regions in order to enjoy the diversity - of landscapes, wildlife and lodges - on offer

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By Julia Freemantle

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