May 2021

Experience the joy of seamless travel with Singita

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Experience the joy of seamless travel with Singita

Given the current realities in the world of travel and the added layers of logistics guests need to navigate, seamless planning processes will set journeys apart and appeal to travellers who are yearning for the ultimate escape. 

Due to the changing regulations and widespread travel restrictions of the past year, it’s been difficult to plan ahead, yet planning is essential to ensure restorative journeys filled with memories that will last a lifetime. And despite all the hoops one has to jump through, there are actually many upsides to travelling right now. In fact, when it comes to venturing into the African wilderness, there could not be a better time. A soul reset surrounded by pristine natural surrounds is the perfect antidote for the stresses presented by daily life.

Being immersed in the unspoilt African wilderness is the perfect antidote to the current stress of everyday life

Silver linings  

To travel now means simply going with the flow – because while we have to adapt to the challenges, there are definite benefits. Apart from the much-needed relaxation and sense of perspective that going somewhere new and immersing yourself in nature provides, there are some practical pros too. With many previously ardent adventurers either unwilling or unable to travel as much anymore, airport and passport check queues are shorter, reserves and lodges are more peaceful, and your experience will be that much more exclusive.   

Goalposts are ever-shifting and travellers have to be flexible, but as a result, they’re also more open to making the most of the magical moments that present themselves – and therefore travel isn’t limited to seasonal periods as it once was, but rather offers year-round opportunities. The beauty of Singita’s lodges and camps in various unique locations is that they’re perfect throughout the seasons. Less frequent travel has also opened the door for immersive longer stays in destinations that are worth exploring and discovering in full. The benefit of extending your stay for long enough to truly absorb the surroundings (possibly while working remotely) is that it allows guests to experience more than one of Singita’s 15 properties in one journey. 

Longer stays allow for the possibility of combining more than one destination in your itinerary, and experiencing the diversity of Singita's lodges

Trust and intuition 

Never before has seamless and hands-on service been so important when travelling. Trust is also proving to be a valuable currency in the current era of uncertainty, and expertise and communication go a long way to smooth the process. From the first steps of choosing a lodge or camp in consultation with our travel team to stepping over the threshold, Singita’s team is continuously just a phone call or email away and able to share their expertise, reassure you and assist with any queries or concerns.

From meticulous planning, to seamless travel, and finally, intuitive service once you arrive in lodge, we're committed to making the whole experience memorable

“We become friends with many of our guests as we plan adventures for them. We’re here to take away any stress or worry and to help them have fun in the planning process. We weave a plan where every touchpoint is considered and guests are hosted throughout.” Linda Jean, Singita Travel Advisor

Peace of mind and personalised attention have always been priorities, and now an added layer of attentiveness is also built into the process. The nature of our longstanding concierge and travel service is that it allows for logistics and admin to be handled and organised by our team, and from the time guests land in Africa to the time they depart, they are hosted by Singita representatives who ensure a seamless experience. 

A personalised approach every step of your journey makes travel seamless and stress-free

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By Julia Freemantle

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