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Experience the diversity and abundance of East Africa 

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Experience the diversity and abundance of East Africa 

One of Africa’s most beautiful attributes is its remarkable diversity – of landscapes, cultures, climates and wildlife. Travelling within Africa allows for a huge scope of experiences immersed in nature and Singita’s locations, across four regions of this incredibly varied continent, have all been chosen for a unique set of special attributes in addition to their unspoilt natural beauty. 

In East Africa, neighbouring countries Rwanda and Tanzania are home to eight of Singita's 15 destinations. In just this small section of the vast African continent, you can enjoy a travel experience that spans a huge spectrum of experiences and scenery. 

Between Rwanda’s dense and lush forested mountains and Tanzania’s iconic open plains, there is so much scope for remarkable encounters with the landscape, wildlife and communities that live across these two countries. 

The diversity of scenery and experiences in our lodges across East Africa makes the region a perfect best-of-both trip

An iconic destination of adventure and exploration

Tanzania, a land of vast plains, abundant wildlife and storybook sunsets, is quintessential safari country. Synonymous with adventure, intrepid travel and action-packed game-viewing, it’s seen by some as Africa’s archetypal wildlife destination. Our lodges and camps in the Singita Grumeti concession and Lamai triangle, chosen for their remarkable locations in the midst of the action, and yet removed from any modern distractions, enjoy a front-row seat to some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing on the planet, not least of which is the annual Great Migration. 

Tanzania's iconic plains and renown for wildlife makes it a game-viewing paradise

From Singita Faru Faru Lodge’s earthy yet contemporary warmth, to the sophisticated new Singita Sabora Tented Camp (a nod to classic safari with a modern twist), and the gracious elegance and sweeping views of Singita Sasakwa – a lodge with all of the grandeur of the old world and the comfort of the current – our destinations here are designed to celebrate this bucket-list setting. Expansive, and inspiring a sense of freedom you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, a stay in the Serengeti will feel like an unadulterated escape. 

Singita's six lodge and camps in Tanzania are located for the best possible immersion into this unforgettable landscape

The warmth of Rwanda

An entirely different, and no less special experience awaits a short flight away in neighbouring Rwanda. Our properties here - Singita Kwitonda Lodge, and private villa Singita Kataza House – are located in an unrivalled position sharing a 1,2 km border with the iconic Volcanoes National Park. A magnificent wilderness area which is home to a third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, our properties here are designed to connect guests with the truly life-changing experience of being in close proximity to this magnificent species.

A large portion of the world's remaining critically endangered mountain gorillas call Volcanoes National Park home

Designed to reflect the warmth and beauty of Rwanda in its architecture and interiors, the lodge and villa are intimate sanctuaries that pay tribute to their surroundings by showcasing them at every turn – whether through the large windows with their built-in reading nooks, or the rich textures and colours woven throughout the space. A Conservation Room, extensive organic garden (which supplies the kitchen) and nursery dedicated to preserving and propagating rare and indigenous plant species, all serve to celebrate the natural abundance of this fragile ecosystem, and foster a sense of peaceful contemplation and closeness to the land.  

The warmth and sanctuary-like atmosphere of the location is echoed in the interiors at Singita Kataza House and Kwitonda Lodge in Rwanda

By designing a trip that includes a stay in each of these destinations, you’ll be experiencing two of Africa’s most iconic wildlife experiences – a balance of adventure and excitement, and deep meditative restoration. 

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By Julia Freemantle

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