April 2021

Tortoise crossing


Tortoise crossing

We spotted this tiny tortoise crossing the same main thoroughfare, and it wasn’t much larger than a pebble. I decided to move it to safety, after photographing it, and was glad I did because moments later a larger tanker vehicle on its way to Gonarezhou came barrelling down this, the only public road in ourreserve.      

Photograph by Gareth Hook 

You should always try to usher tortoises off a busy road, rather than pick them up and move them because they tend to eject stored urine and water when you pick them up. If it is a water-scarce environment this can lead to their dehydration and death. Fortunately this was after the heavy downpour of rain, so it was not in danger of dehydration, and it held on to its water reserves anyway.

Jenny Hishin
By Jenny Hishin
Author / Guest Guide