April 2021

Singita Explore – the ultimate escape into nature

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Singita Explore – the ultimate escape into nature

As travellers continue to seek out unspoilt places and experiences that reach them on a deeper level, time spent in the wild becomes more of a priority than ever before. And with destinations chosen for their unmatched beauty and an ethos that foregrounds immersion into nature, Singita’s collection of 15 lodges and camps offer unparalleled travel that really resonates.

Singita Explore, situated directly on the expansive plains of Singita Grumeti - whose acacia-studded horizons make up the iconic scenery that for many is synonymous with the idea of Africa - is the quintessential safari experience. A camp inspired by explorers of old, but offering every comfort and convenience of contemporary travel, and infused with the seamless and intuitive service Singita is known for, it is the very definition of escape. 

See behind the scenes at Singita Explore, where our team creates magic in the middle of the African wilderness

The camp draws on the roots of safari, and being separated from the elements merely by canvas is a primal and invigorating reminder of the power of nature. A journey back in time in many ways too, Singita Explore celebrates a slow pace and the meditative rituals – sitting by the fireside or listening to the sounds of the bush through your tent – that ground and restore.

 Travel back in time

Configured of up to six one-bedroom tents – in permutations to suit your group – Singita Explore harks back to a simpler way to travel. The down to earth but layered spaces offer functionality and comfort, without sacrificing the signature Singita dedication to design excellence. The chic but practical design takes early safari as inspiration – with muted tones, khaki canvas, elegant leather accents and traditional campaign-style furniture creating an atmosphere of adventure and nostalgia. 

With the experience designed entirely around soaking in the surroundings, your stay at Singita Explore will move in accordance with the natural rhythm of the day. From coffee in the soft rose-gold light of morning on game drive, to swimming under the impossibly blue sky in the camp’s refreshing plunge pool, dining under the stars around a crackling fire and finally drifting off to sleep to the soothing soundtrack of the bush, your time at Singita Explore will be a return to nature in every sense of the word.  

Being separated from the elements only by canvas is an invigorating reminder of the power of nature

Iconic setting

The location of Singita Explore is special not only for its magnificent scenery and unspoilt wilderness. It also forms part of the Serengeti Mara ecosystem – with access to a 350,000-acre concession – and is on the migratory route traversed by more than a million wildebeest each year, giving you a front-row seat to one of nature’s most spectacular events. Guided safari walks and wellness treatments in the outdoors are just some of the activities that will further emphasize your connection to the wild while in this magnificent reserve, and the escape from any modern-day distractions or stresses. 

Offering total immersion into nature, your stay at Singita Explore will move in accordance with the natural rhythm of the day

Privacy & seclusion

As one of the destinations in the Singita Private Villa Collection, Singita Explore is an exclusive-use camp, meaning you and your friends or family will have the undivided attention of our team, and the luxury of the camp all to yourself, to design your day as you desire.  

Singita Explore is an exclusive-use camp, so you'll enjoy total privacy and peace, and the undivided attention of our team during your stay

The ultimate unfiltered African adventure, Singita Explore should be at the top of your bucket-list for a total reset and a reminder of the power of nature to inspire and re-centre and restore. But to fully experience the variety of Singita’s offering, as well as the myriad ways you can enjoy the bush with those closest to you, we recommend combining your stay at Singita Explore with a visit to one of our other exclusive-use villas in Singita Grumeti - and Singita Serengeti House's laidback elegance is a perfect complement to the authenticity of Singita Explore. Discover more about the combination

A connection to time-honoured rituals and the rhythm of the day make Singita Explore a restorative experience

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By Julia Freemantle

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