March 2021

Rock art sites


Rock art sites

One of the positives, so to speak, of lockdown on the reserve, was that members of the guiding team were able to do extensive, thorough, systematic searches to discover unrecorded rock art sites.

To date 123 sites have been recorded.

These photographs are enhanced using an app called D Stretch (Decorrelation Stretch). It defines the original artwork and also helps in changing the hues of colour in the spectrum to give more detail. In these photos we can now clearly make out the figure of a hunter, a giraffe and a kudu.

There are few things as truly awesome as seeing centuries old rock art painted by our ancestors, so be sure to have enough time on your visit to explore some of these artworks, on foot, with your knowledgeable guide.

Photos by Brad Fouché.

Jenny Hishin
By Jenny Hishin
Author / Guest Guide