March 2021

Reuniting families in nature

in Lodges and Camps

Reuniting families in nature

A year of extended separation of people from their loved ones has brought into sharp focus the importance of connection, with travel now serving as a valuable time for families to reunite and reconnect. 

Family safaris offer the chance for children to truly be immersed in the African bush – a rare privilege and opportunity that doesn’t come often to those who are city bound. Time spent outdoors, in wide-open wilderness areas has benefits that far exceed just the joy of being somewhere beautiful. Nature offers new perspectives and allows for the journey of meaningful discovery as well as the freedom to ground oneself and expand your knowledge. 

Singita's Field Guides and Trackers take pride in sharing their extensive knowledge with young guests

Nature's classroom

For children, discovering unspoilt landscapes and carefully protected habitats makes for life-changing memories, and witnessing bird-, animal- and plant life, unfiltered in their natural state inspires awe and fosters a respect for the environment. In short, learning in nature’s abundant classroom affords knowledge and skills you won’t find anywhere else. 

Singita’s dedicated Field Guides and Trackers take immense pride in imparting their years of experience – some of our team members have been in their roles for nearly three decades - and intimate understanding of the land and affinity with the bush to the next generation of conservationists that come to our lodges as guests, and leave as nature’s committed guardians. Being in the wild with our expert teams opens up a whole new world – through teaching young explorers how to track animals, identify bird sounds, and recognise trees, plants and animal spoor they gain an appreciation for the intricacy and richness of the wilderness, and how every species and life form is reliant on the next for its survival. 

Witnessing animal-, bird- and plant life in their raw unfiltered state fosters a sense of awe in children

In line with our mission to inspire a new generation of nature-lovers and encourage a love of the great outdoors, Singita has tailored programmes, designed to stimulate young minds and ignite their inner adventurer. Programmes such as the Mini Game Rangers' Course confirm nature’s ability to inspire, excite and transform. This fun-filled activity, tailored per lodge, equips young guests with everything from survival skills to knowledge about tracking animals, astronomy and tree- and bird-identification. 

The Mini Game Rangers' Course offers young explorers the chance to learn new skills in nature's abundant classroom

Engaging young guests

Time spent at the lodge is just as stimulating and engaging as out in the wilderness on drives and bush walks (for guests over 16). Stargazing broadens the scope of exploration still further, while arts and crafts, board games and quizzes keep children engaged during down time. Interactive cooking sessions with Singita’s proficient chefs teams will also appeal to the young culinary enthusiasts of your group. 

Beyond activities tailormade for children, our lodges cater to groups seamlessly through their very design, as well as the carefully curated facilities and services – allowing for leisurely quality time to be spent seeking out wildlife on game drives and in conversation over beautiful meals and a sundowner, engaging in sporting activities, or simply while soaking in the surroundings of the lodges in peaceful silence together.  

There is a range of activities at the lodges to keep families entertained, from interactive cooking to sports and games

Peaceful private escapes

While all our properties are designed to welcome guests across a range of ages, our Private Villa Collection - a selection of villas spread across our portfolio in Africa - is particularly well suited to family groups. These spacious, exclusive-use retreats offer seclusion and sanctuary in addition to the full Singita experience and lend themselves to authentic connection with loved ones while providing restorative experiences in nature, removed from all distractions. 

Nature’s ability to allow for disconnection, and reconnection, all the while restoring stillness and slowing the pace of daily life paves the way for the sharing of profound, poignant and authentic moments and strengthening the bonds between those that matter most. 

Singita's Private Villa Collection offers a handful of exclusive-use sanctuaries perfect for families to reconnect

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By Julia Freemantle

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