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Navigating travel in a changing world

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Navigating travel in a changing world

Amid the dramatic shifts and changes that have seen people around the globe emerge with new attitudes, hopes and dreams, there’s an increasing emphasis on more meaningful experiences and a shifted perspective that considers our impact on the world around us – in everything from how we spend our days to what we consume. 

Similarly, the world of travel has evolved into a far more layered landscape, where profound connections with nature take centre stage. And while long lockdown periods and restrictive border closures may have hampered an unencumbered flow through the world, they’ve certainly not dampened travellers’ desire to pursue the deeply restorative potential of the wilderness to awaken the senses, and open mind and heart.  

Travellers are increasingly seeking the restorative power of destinations that offer a connection to nature

They have however, prompted a step-change in how, and where, guests choose to spend their precious time – a shift which signals a much more mindful approach to how their journey should touch them on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The question is no longer merely where you will go – we now also ask ourselves why. 

Forecasted trends clearly reflect this new way of experiencing and exploring the world, and while it presents the need for definite shifts in the travel industry as a whole, Singita’s singular guest experience over the past three decades has been evolving with the ever-changing needs and expectations of global travellers all along. From elevating our farm-to-table food journey to keep pace with an increasing demand for sustainable, healthy and locally inspired menus, to pivoting towards activities that go well beyond traditional notions of health and fitness – we offer guests a profound sense of wellness and an immersion in the healing power of nature.

Far-off lands

It comes as no surprise that travellers are increasingly seeking out remote places in which to disconnect, escape the amplified stress of city and daily life, and find sanctuary. As they endeavour to keep a safe distance from crowds, popular and populous destinations are given a wide berth in favour of quieter settings with fewer visitors – and more opportunities to simply connect with the wilderness and loved ones. Each of Singita’s extraordinary destinations was carefully chosen for exactly this quality – its wildness and unspoiled beauty – and our lodges and camps have always favoured a more intimate guest experience with an emphasis on personal space. 

Remote destinations far from the crowds are seeing a surge in popularity for their ability to offer sanctuary and space

Private-use properties

Flowing from this growing need for uninterrupted space and isolation, the popularity of exclusive-use hideaways – for the sole use of your circle of friends and family – has risen noticeably. The sense of seclusion coupled with a guarantee of safety is proving irresistible for travellers looking for the best of all worlds. Singita’s Private Villa Collection is the perfect antidote to crowd fatigue, and these private, fully serviced oases in the bush come with every conceivable luxury, all the comforts of home, and the freedom to tailor your days to your liking. Spread out across the portfolio, with a unique private villa aligned with – yet entirely set apart from – each of Singita’s lodges, these properties are the epitome of solace for travellers in a COVID-19 cognisant world. 

Hillside Suite at Singita Sasakwa Lodge is a spacious and totally private space overlooking the plains, perfect for couples looking for complete seclusion

Prioritising what matters most

At a time when creating distance is so important, the yearning for real connection has become more pronounced than ever before. Treasuring quality time and sharing life-changing moments with those closest to them, guests are looking for exceptional and intimate family travel options. Singita’s flexibility, detail-oriented approach to hospitality and unrivalled range of options – from private villas for family reunions to intimate lodges and camps catering for all age groups – makes it the perfect choice. 

Conscious travel

It’s almost become a given for travellers to seek out journeys that have meaning beyond mere enjoyment. As a conservation company first and foremost, Singita’s 100-year purpose to preserve and protect large areas of African wilderness for future generations is its leading priority. The values at the heart of this mindset are entrenched in every aspect of a Singita stay, and guests leave their safaris transformed for life, having made a contribution to the legacy of the continent.

Meaningful travel, that immerses guests in cultural, community or conservation initiatives, is at the heart of Singita's philosophy

All-year appeal

With international travel regulations constantly in flux and changing all the time, travellers have to be more adaptable than before. Peak travel times have become far less important than open borders and a sense of spontaneity, and it’s more about living for the moment and seizing an opportunity when it’s presented – no matter the time of year. Singita’s 15 lodges and camps are year-round destinations, with every season offering unique experiences, landscapes and wildlife – from migrating herds of wildebeest and birds to sweeping savannas and lush terrain, and the joyous times when young babies are being born. 

Singita's 15 lodges are year-round destinations, with the experience offering something new as the year passes, from the migration of animals and birds to the joy baby animal season brings

Health & wellbeing

With health under the spotlight, destinations offering an emphasis on wellness will become uppermost on travellers’ wish lists. Singita’s guest experience has always been inextricably linked to its vision for conscious hospitality and conservation. This filters down into the very fibre of each lodge and camp, where everything from the décor and design to the activities on offer are designed with guests’ wellbeing in mind – from yoga studios and wellness treatments set to the soundtrack of the bush to stargazing, nature walks and menus celebrating seasonal abundance. 

Every aspect of a stay at Singita's lodges, from their design to the activities on offer have guests’ wellbeing in mind

After three decades as the destination of choice for those seeking authentic African safaris in the most iconic locations, travellers keep returning to Singita for its singular guest experience – which has always been underpinned by warmth, intuitive service and uncompromising integrity. It’s created a foundation for the kind of trust and complete sense of ease that ensures guests’ confidence in the fact that their safety and wellbeing are in the best possible hands.

To help you plan the perfect getaway, in step with your unique and evolving travel needs, contact our highly capable Travel Advisors - experts best placed to help you plan the ultimate experience.

By Julia Freemantle

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